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The 17 Best #1776Trump Tweets, Imagining The Donald Among The Founding Fathers

On the day after the Fourth of July, and when Hillary Clinton was effectively exonerated over compromising sensitive information via her private email server, Americans on social media distracted themselves by imagining Donald Trump among the Founding Fathers.

#1776Trump went viral on Twitter, and the results are rather hilarious. Naturally, some tweets are insults unworthy even of Trump, but some capture his insults and bravado perfectly. Many mention Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasury secretary, who is remembered in the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

Here are the 17 best #1776Trump tweets — enjoy!

17. Someone suggested who Trump would be in 1776 — King George III!

16. This is a report about the hashtag, but still pretty hilarious.


15. Big Ben Franklin.

14. 1776 Trump on Hamilton.


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13. Trump throwback to the 1690s…

12. Even with Trump, this goes too far.


11. Yeah, Trump would say this … about the guy who launched the Revolution.

10. This is gold.


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9. Red coats bringing crime.

8. The 1776 version of Hillary says…


7. All men are ENDOWED by their creator…

6. The shout heard ’round the world.


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5. A taco salad!

4. Huge, beautiful truths.


3. Trump insults, Founding-style.

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2. The General should be fired.


1. Washington wasn’t president until 1789, but this is still hilarious.