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For April Fools' Day, Rand Paul Endorses...

Kentucky senator and former presidential candidate Rand Paul teased a big endorsement, to come on Friday. He teased it on Thursday, and now we know what it is.

Paul began to leak news of the endorsement on Twitter on March 31.

He hinted about the target of the endorsement, using the words of a certain real estate tycoon.

In fact, Paul even started using the language of a certain Donald Trump in teasing his endorsement.

So, on Friday, that is a certain first day of April, the Kentucky senator and libertarian standard-bearer endorsed D… He endorsed Don… He endorsed Donald… Find Out Who He Endorsed on the Next Page. Just kidding, Rand Paul could never endorse Donald Trump. The small-government champion could never back a man who brags about using the system of crony capitalism, who intones support for eminent domain, and who once backed universal healthcare. Even on April Fools’ Day, Rand Paul could not bring himself to support such a detestable political animal. Instead, he endorsed “entropy.” In other words, he’s backing away from the libertarian project of Ron Paul’s “Revolution,” and accepted the status quo. Or maybe it’s all just a joke.

What a let-down. Or is it?