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CNN, Others Go Insane Responding to Helsinki Meeting

(AP Photo/Ric Feld,File)

Ever since President Donald Trump was elected, we’ve seen the American Left and the media develop and suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. This condition makes it impossible to see anything the president does as anything but pure, unadulterated evil, no matter how benign the act. And it now has “reporters” and “experts” insisting that Trump expressing his thoughts must result in criminal charges.

True to form, CNN completely lost it over Trump’s comments yesterday in Helsinki.

To be fair, Trump’s remarks after meeting Vladimir Putin were … questionable. Perhaps the most charitable explanation — one that I find to be plausible — came from Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who argued that Trump may have conflated the idea of Russian meddling with the investigation of “collusion”:

That was a sane, measured, useful opinion from Cornyn.

But from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, we got this:

We want to welcome our viewers around the world who are joining us. A truly, truly extraordinary moment in American history.

Subtle. Blitzer and his guests then took things further after airing comments from the increasingly loony John Brennan — a guy who voted for a communist candidate for president at the height of the Cold War. They went from “Trump criticizes the U.S. intel community” straight to IMPEACH:

BLITZER: Well, very quickly, before I let you go, Mr. Secretary, high crimes and misdemeanors. That’s what John Brennan says. Treasonous. Are we talking, at least from your perspective, I assume from his perspective, impeachment?

HAGEL: Well, I’ll let that stand as it is, as to the responsibilities of the Congress of the United States on impeachment. I would not have said it the way John did. I said it the way I said it. John can say it the way he wants to say it. But as to impeachment, we’ll see how this plays out. That’s a congressional responsibility and they must — the Congress must do what they think is in the interest of this country, not only for our present but always for our future.

Holy crap.

Trump says he doesn’t believe the intelligence community — which isn’t, you know, looking so hot after that Peter Stzrok hearing — and that is worthy of impeachment? Yet Obama sending pallets of cash to Iran while shutting down an investigation into Hezbollah trafficking within the United States … isn’t?

Look, I’ll be the first to say I believe Trump’s assessment is wrong. Of course Russia meddled in our election. However, we do not yet know the extent of it beyond Russia purchasing a few Facebook ads, and apparently catching someone with a dopey phishing email scam. But Trump was wrong to say it in that setting. The last thing you do is give a rival like Russia a propaganda/PR win.

President Trump stated his opinion. Opinions aren’t treasonous, even if they’re disastrous. Forget just criticizing the intelligence community — I recall Obama criticizing the American people while he was abroad.

It’s clear by now that the media and the Democrats will never, never, never figure out why everything has gone so badly for them.