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Game Company 'Cards Against Humanity' Seeks to Thwart Border Wall Plans

Earlier this week, the company that created the party game “Cards Against Humanity” released a video to announce its purchase of several acres of land on the U.S./Mexican border in an effort to stop President Donald’s Trump’s proposed border wall.

Yes, this is presented as comedy, but they’ve apparently actually bought the land. They’ve also apparently got lawyers on retainer to fight their legal battles.

That’s good because it does indicate that they’ve heard the words “eminent domain” before.

Too bad for them that if it comes to that, they’ll lose and lose big.

When the Supreme Court found in Kelo vs City of New London that the government could use eminent domain to take land from one private entity for the benefit of another private entity simply because it would be to the public’s benefit, it made something very, very clear. Your property can easily be taken so long as the government says it’s for the public’s benefit.

Even if the company is somehow successful, the next parcel of land immediately to the north might not be — and thus that patch of land might be the site of the wall instead.

Frankly, if Cards Against Humanity wants to fight the wall, there are smarter ways to do it. As it is, they’re offering a lot of bluster that’ll have no effect.