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Kansas City Suspect Shuts Down Interrogation With WMD Produced By His Body

For all the flak they get, police have a tough job. They have to go into all kinds of environments and deal with all kinds of people. Some of those people tend to not engage in good personal hygiene habits for whatever reasons.

However, detectives in Kansas City, Mo., may have a story for the ages.

Police arrested 24-year-old Sean Sykes Jr. on drug and weapon charges, a far too routine situation in our nation’s cities. While being questioned, however, Sykes did something that deviated from the norm. A lot.

The Associated Press (AP) reported that Sykes “leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart before answering.”

The gas attack reportedly continued until the detective ended the interview and exited the room, probably to spray himself down with a case of Febreze and to chew a few packs of gum, anything to forget the butt-stank.

Sykes was arrested after being pulled over on September 1 and found with a backpack full of various drugs and two handguns. One of those firearms, a .357 revolver, was reported stolen out of a vehicle a few days prior.

In all-too-typical suspect fashion, Sykes claimed to be ignorant of the drugs and the guns.

He was then pulled over again on November 5 and found with both pot and crack in the car, as well as a .38 caliber revolver.

Obviously, Sykes is innocent until proven guilty, but it’s not hard to see how detectives might have been a little less than accepting of any of his explanations.

Unleashing a gas attack on the detectives probably didn’t help either.

It doesn’t appear that Sykes will be charged with possession of a WMD since the digestive system is legal at both the federal level and in all 50 states. Yes, even in California. Go figure.

Visitors to Kansas City may be interested to know where Sykes ate prior to his arrest, though. After all, no one wants to stink up their hotel room and gas their partners.