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Florida Man Identifies as Filipino Woman

You had to know that Rachel Dolezal would be just the tip of the iceberg, didn’t you? While people identifying as a different gender than the one they’re born as is hardly anything new, people trying to identify as a different race is just starting. Rachel Dolezal may not be the first white person who claims to identify as a minority, mind you, but she was the first one most of us knew about.

Now, a man in Florida is trying to claim his place at the forefront of this new insanity.

Born Adam, the white man says he’s transsexual and is considering transitioning, but that’s not all. Adam prefers to be called “Ja Du,” a Filipino woman’s name, after her mother’s Filipino co-worker.

“My mom works with a lot of people who are migrating to the United States; you know, from all over the world. Like the staff is almost entirely made up of people who emigrate here,” Ja Du explains. “One of her best friends from work is named Ja Du, and she’s so nice; she’s cute; she’s really, really fun. It just had a ring to it. I love that name. That’s what I want to be; I want to be that happy person.”

Which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with finding someone whom you want to emulate, as a general rule. This is especially true when the traits you want to emulate are clearly very positive.

Yet that doesn’t mean you need to identify as a member of her ethnicity.

Hell, I can want to emulate those exact traits and still want to remain a white man. Those traits have nothing to do with being a Filipino. Trust me, I was dressed down by a Filipino chief enough times during my time in the Navy to know better.

Can’t we all start to agree that maybe we’ve taken this whole “you can grow up to be anything you want” thing just a little too far? Sure, it’s fine to want to be a doctor or a firefighter or whatever. If my kids want a career in Hollywood, I might have them checked for sexual deviancy or something, but even that is understandable.

But to be a different race?

I’m sorry, but this is insanity. Outright insanity.

It’s either that, or “Ja Du” is scamming people to get something out of this identity. For what it’s worth, she says she understands that this makes her potentially eligible for minority scholarships, which is beyond stupid. I hate to break it to Junior here, but even if we acknowledge “her” as a “her” simply because she says so, there’s no escaping the fact that she’s white.

If she gets a scholarship meant for a Filipino student, the campus SJWs will go nuts and, honestly, I don’t know that I’d blame them.

Is it just me, or is this a complaint of cultural appropriation we can all get behind?