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Engineer Builds, Marries His Own Sexbot, Now Makes Them for Other Men

Sex Robot (Rex Features via AP Images)

There is a stereotype about male engineers not being able to meet a woman. In fact, there’s a not particularly original follow-up: that if these guys want to meet a woman, they’ll need to build one.

Apparently, that’s exactly what Chinese engineer Zheng Jiajia did when he first built, then married YingYing, a sexbot.

Now, the company he created — Brain of Things Science and Technology — is offering these robots for sale to others.

As for now, the robot is only capable of limited speech and can recognize a few images. However, the batch currently in production is more advanced. The new bots can reportedly identify voices, fingerprints, and even faces.

That’s just the start of Zheng’s plans. He hopes to take development to the point where the robots can walk and even help with household chores.

There may well be a market for these bots. As a result of China’s one-child policy and the strong preference among Chinese families for male offspring — which leads to female babies being murdered — there is a massive gender disparity. This creates a lot of lonely men.

Those lonely guys are going to want some way to deal with that loneliness, and a sexbot may well be the best some of these guys can do.

Sexbots are here, and as technology develops, the bots will be updated as well, until humanlike androids may be walking around on our city streets. Whether they’re servants or concubines becomes a little irrelevant at that point, doesn’t it?