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Panel on Civil Discourse Disrupted by Uncivil Protesters

Those wacky liberals. While they routinely level charges that they are being “silenced,” they’re doing their damnedest to make sure no one can hear opposing viewpoints on anything. Not only that, but God help anyone who believes in the civil society.

From Campus Reform:

A panel on “civil discourse” Tuesday at the University of California, Los Angeles was shut down by protesters who refused to vacate the auditorium, forcing the event to be relocated.

According to video of the protest obtained by Campus Reform, one unidentified female began shouting at the panel of speakers — which included such prominent figures as Professor Eugene Volokh and Los Angeles Times Deputy Editorial Page Editor Jon Healey — abruptly accusing them of “not dealing with the reality that we’re facing right now.”

“This is outrageous. You’re not dealing with the reality. You’re not dealing with the reality that we’re facing right now where people are being deported. Yes you can take me out of this room but I’m not going to shut up,” she hollered as a security guard attempted to remove her from the venue.

“Look. We need to actually organize ourselves to create a political crisis to get this fascist regime from power,” she shouted, claiming the “country was founded on genocide and slavery” and “was never f***ing great.”

“We can’t normalize fascism,” she proceeded to yell, imploring audience members to stand and raise a fist with her in protest.

“Stand up because this is what the good Germans were facing. This is what the people in Nazi Germany were facing,” she declared as another protester joined in, eventually leading a boisterous chant of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”

The protesters weren’t particularly well-received, thankfully. But the heckler’s veto has become a far too common occurrence in American political discourse lately, making it impossible for anyone to discuss anything without screaming at one another.

Of course, the outcome of this incivility is never what the practitioners are hoping for: the elimination of opposing views.

Instead, it creates a militancy on both sides. When speech is met with threats and violence, it can make a person, you know, defensive.

The usage of words these protesters don’t grasp whatsoever, like “fascism,” or the belief that the KKK has any meaningful support within the United States is making the problem worse. I’m nearly convinced that the few thousand KKK members left are mostly FBI informants, anyway.

The civil society is what keeps this country great, and these ridiculous protesters are a disturbing trend.

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