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New Boston Law Firm Focuses on Defending Against Cases of Title IX Abuse

When the Obama administration sent that fateful “Dear Colleague” letter about Title IX, it started a chain reaction that has annihilated due process on college campuses for men accused of sexual assault. Now these men are not so much prosecuted as they are persecuted.

It’s gotten to be such a widespread problem that a new legal firm in Boston has formed exclusively to defend men in Title IX cases. From The College Fix:

The luxury boutiques, specialty stores and eclectic dining of Boston’s Newbury Street have long attracted the throngs of the college students who call the region home.

But many of the students enrolled in the area’s 35 colleges now have a new reason to swing by — a law office entirely devoted to defending students wrongly accused of sexual assault recently opened shop there.

Nesenoff & Miltenberg, a New York-based law firm that specializes in Title IX cases as well as real estate disputes and business-related litigation, has debuted an office in the college-dense city of Boston after finding themselves traveling more frequently to the region.

“There has been a tremendous influx of Title IX cases in the past few years,” said co-founder Andrew Miltenberg in phone interview with The College Fix. “These cases probably make up about half of our practice.”

“I challenge anyone to be a part of these disciplinary hearings from the beginning and not say to yourself once a week, ‘My God, are they really doing this? Does anybody read the Constitution,” he said.

Ain’t that the truth. If you were to see how most colleges handle Title IX cases, we have way too much of The Crucible and not enough Twelve Angry Men.

There are those who will look upon this firm with scorn, as if they are profiting by protecting the scum of the Earth. Nope. Because the flip side of Hillary Clinton’s “all women deserve to be believed” is “guilty until proven innocent.” No one wants rapists walking free — but that statement does not conflict with wanting the innocent to walk free.

Students in Boston can now find attorneys familiar with the bastardization of due process that now exists in cases like this on the typical American college campus. Students in Georgia have good news, too.

The rest of the country is still waiting for help, though.

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