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Activist: 'Light-Skinned' Minorities Don't Belong in 'People Of Color' Safe Spaces

Activist: 'Light-Skinned' Minorities Don't Belong in 'People Of Color' Safe Spaces
Former U.S. President Barack Obama. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Many Leftist minorities claim they need spaces to get away from the constant “micro-aggressions’ that plague their existence — by which they mean a place with no white people. It’s hideous racism.

Now, an equally idiotic Leftist says that “light-skinned” minorities don’t really belong in a “no Whites” zone:

… I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 11 years, a place considered a mecca for social justice activism and vibrant BIPOC culture. I have been a part of many groups and events organized exclusively for BIPOC.

And every time I have been a part of putting together or attended such a gathering, the issue of whether very light-skinned or white-passing BIPOC should attend has come up.

Rather than being defensive or complaining about how we are being excluded from spaces, light-skinned and white-passing people might take a moment to think about what the impact of our presence is in the spaces that we inhabit.

Because let’s face it, us light-skinned and white-passing BIPOC — especially those with white parent/s — still get pretty defensive sometimes when BIPOC vent about the racism or poke fun at the cultural habits of white people.

Other BIPOC don’t really deserve to have to deal with our growing pains of sensitivity, defensiveness, and fragility when they were hoping to be in spaces that are safe from racist or colorist microaggressions.

The whole thing is a long, bizarre read that even tries to compare whites to lions and minorities to gazelles, which is funny because crime statistics indicate that the lions are being killed by gazelles at significantly higher rates.

Anyway, what we see here is the problem the Left will have to deal with if it doesn’t want to eventually implode: when you create a Hierarchy of Victimhood, people are going to jockey for position. When two people are of equal standing and both want the power granted them due to the Hierarchy, they will invariably seek ways to present themselves as more victimized and others as less victimized.

That said, look at that last bit above. People with a white parent or parents might get bent out of shape because someone is making fun of white people or calling them all racist, but then it’s claimed that those safe spaces are supposed to be “safe from racist or colorist microaggressions.”

They’re not. In fact, they’re not intended to be.

They’re only supposed to make people in that space safe not be the targets of such comments. But if a biracial person in there is taking issue with his white father being called a racist, it’s because a racist narrative about whites is being spread in such a space.

Now, light-skinned minorities are being urged to simply remove themselves from these spaces, so the racist stereotyping inherent in a safe-space can continue unabated.

These spaces shouldn’t exist. They are awful. They reduce people to DNA strands.

How long until failing to volunteer to leave is considered “violence” within a group? Bret Weinstein didn’t want to “volunteer” to leave campus for a day, and look how that ended up. Things that start out voluntary have a tendency to become mandatory.

Why should I care about any of this? Because we’re all in this country together, and this stupidity doesn’t make our nation stronger. I’m not asking these folks to embrace Donald Trump as a president. I’m not asking them to like the man or even support his policies. Instead, I’m asking them to look at the people who live where they do, or work where they do, and think community first instead of trying to divide people into smaller and smaller groups.

No one wins with that.

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