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Father of Suicide Victim Sues School That Railroaded Him Under Title IX Procedures

The corruption of Title IX under the Obama administration has destroyed a lot of lives. However, it wasn’t until this year that the direction the law took could be said to have actually claimed a life.

Earlier this year, a young man named Thomas Klocke killed himself after he was blocked from attending class following allegations that he used a homophobic slur at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Now, his father has filed a lawsuit to try and get justice for his son.

In his federal civil suit, Thomas’ father is claiming that his son was subjected to harsh and unjust punishment, over claims that were never substantiated, leading to his son’s suicide after the student’s ‘academic future and reputation were ruined.’

Unfair and unjust punishment because the school sought to allay itself with politically correct notions of sexual identity and enforcing such values.

Told family attorney Kenneth Chaiken via the Dallas news, ‘This case serves to highlight just how potentially devastating the consequences are when a student is denied fair process’.

Chaiken also argues that the school failed to follow Title IX procedures. University of Texas claims that the Title IX was never triggered as the allegations against Klocke were not sexual in nature.

While the allegations aren’t sexual in nature, the groundwork for such railroading was clearly laid after the Obama administration stepped forward to dictate that colleges should essentially do away with due process on college campuses. Klocke’s story mimics so many others: people stood accused of activities — in many cases, actual crimes — for which there was little or no evidence.

In Klocke’s case, he had the opportunity to appeal, but why? Why would he bother? He stood accused of being a bigot, with nothing but he said/he said evidence. Because Klocke was a straight white male, his words were completely disregarded.

It’s well past time that colleges return to giving accused students due process in cases that could negatively impact their futures. Not just because Klocke killed himself, but because it’s the right thing.

By taking this to court, there may be hope that perhaps the legal system can undo the damage done by the Obama administration. The Trump administration has had six months to undo this abomination and there have been no signs of any effort from the Betsy DeVos-led Department of Education to swing things back in a more sensible direction.

That means it may take the courts to do what the Trump administration seems unwilling to address.


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