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Emerson College Conservatives Report Months of Bullying, Harassment

Progressives like to paint their ideological opposition as violent, hateful, and all sorts of other unpleasant things, but always held the Left up as the beacon of civility and tolerance.

As we get into the Trump Era, we are seeing their true colors. They’re like the aliens in the ’80s miniseries “V.” The progressives have pulled off their human skin, and what’s beneath is horrifying.

The latest example comes from Emerson College in Boston. As The College Fix reports, students there have been harassed for months for daring to be conservative or libertarian:

The students said they knew when they decided to attend Emerson they were entering a left-leaning campus. After all, the school is located in the heart of one America’s most liberal cities.

Yet, how that progressivism transcends campus is what surprises them. They described a hostile campus where right-of-center opinions are strongly opposed and students who peddle them can be susceptible to name calling and other forms of bullying.

Aside from being called a white supremacist, Kaufman said she’s been called a racist to her face.

“It’s hostile and there’s a lot of tension, just sitting in a classroom, you can literally feel these eyes on you and all this hate if they know who you are,” she said.

Meanwhile, Picone said it’s not unusual for him to be called out for his gender and ethnicity.

“Anything I will say will be dismissed because I’m a straight white male. As if that has anything to do with the argument I’m saying,” he said.

Freshman Lexie Kaufman claims the harassment has been so terrible that she is transferring. She’s not the first to feel that was the only option after the tolerant campus Left showed its hypocrisy, and she won’t be the last.

Emerson students may be fortunate, however, as it sounds like the school’s administration is showing more sanity than many across the country. The administration claims to want to restore civility, and is taking steps such as introducing a “conservative thought” class this fall. Students also are trying to bring conservative speakers to the school.

Of course, the underlying issue won’t be fixed so easily.

Deep in their hearts, progressives believe they are following the One True Way — and that everyone who disagrees with them is scum. They excuse all sorts of terrible behavior by arguing that none of it compares to the imagined injustices they blame political opponents for unleashing each and every day.

This is a long-term cultural problem. Emerson’s administration can’t do much about it immediately other than treat all reports of such harassment equally. The targeted students deserve nothing less.