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Even UC-Riverside Leftists Oppose a Mandatory Gender Studies Course

Many of the special snowflakes that infest collegiate campuses today, and their administration enablers, think every college student should be required to take indoctrination gender studies courses in order to complete a degree.


Yet, as now reported by The College Fix, even members of the Left believe such requirements to be absurd:

It’s not every day that the editors of a major campus newspaper oppose the creation of a lefty graduation requirement.

Yet the editorial board of The Highlander at the University of California-Riverside makes a good case for why even a well-intentioned requirement is counterproductive.

The impetus for the editorial is the student government’s reaffirmation of support for a gender studies requirement for incoming freshmen (in other words, not applicable to anyone currently serving).

It is the four-year pet project of a former senator, Summer Shafer, who wants to make UC-Riverside the first in the university system to mandate gender studies. The academic senate has been “pushing it back every single year,” Shafer told the student senate before its vote to reaffirm its 2014 support.

The editors make both practical and moral arguments against the proposal.

I find it particularly amusing that the student government members that think this is such a great idea want it to apply to freshmen, and not themselves. Perhaps they figure they’re already woke enough, but incoming freshmen, well … the corrupting attitudes of parents need to exorcised before they can become good little soldiers.

As the editors note:


For students who are religious or conservative (or both), the material that would be taught in a gender studies course is going to be incompatible with their beliefs. … Furthermore, such an inherently liberal-leaning class is likely to be perceived as a form of propaganda or indoctrination on behalf of the liberal-leaning administration that would be charged with approving this requirement.

No, it’s not just about perception.

The proposal is absolutely indoctrination. It forces people into an environment where their beliefs are attacked, and they will either change their minds or learn how to parrot their professors’ feelings in order to get a passing grade. If that’s not propaganda and indoctrination, then what is?

As the editors correctly note, a single class will fail to accomplish anything other than waste expensive time. Not that the SJW nimrods who came up with this plan can comprehend this, but here it is: you don’t have the ability to control people’s thoughts. You can’t eliminate opposition to your ideas. Look up the USSR.

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