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William Shatner Blasted by SJWs for Promoting Autism Speaks

William Shatner Blasted by SJWs for Promoting Autism Speaks
William Shatner Destination Star Trek Convention, Birmingham, UK, Oct 7, 2016 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Celebrities often adopt causes. Some take up politics. Others — some would say the smart ones — take up disease research and charity. Star Trek icon William Shatner chooses to promote autism awareness.

While the condition is widely known, few understand what it’s like for those who care for autistic people, and just how much remains to be discovered about its cause and possible cure.

Sounds like Shatner has a laudable activity … unless of course, you are a SJW.

In which case Shatner is HITLER:

Earlier this week, the White House and autism organizations around the world celebrated the 10th annual World Autism Awareness Day. Actor William Shatner, best known for his role in Star Trek, changed his profile icon and tweeted his support into the related hashtag to draw awareness to the disability.

Today, he was inundated with outrage from social justice warriors [who] likened his support for autism awareness to hate speech. They further expressed their anger towards organizations like Autism Speaks, which sponsored the event.

Autism Speaks is one of several global organizations that supports finding solutions across the spectrum and catering to the needs of individuals who suffer from it and their families. Critics refer to the search for a cure as a form of “eugenics.”

Shatner fielded a host of complaints from critics who demanded he preach “autism acceptance” rather than awareness — some of whom made it a crusade to dedicate themselves against Autism Speaks. He was linked to an article on Forbes decrying awareness for the disability.

The hysterical article based most, if not all, of its criticism towards the organization on its founder’s longtime personal friendship with President Trump.

Having read the article, Shatner rejected the arguments and addressed his critics, including the founder of an organization called the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, which released a statement condemning the White House for its autism awareness proclamation.

“Instead of being the social warrior fighting against a charity; find an organization you do align with and become their advocate,” he tweeted. “I supported an awareness day hashtag that appears to be scorned by a group that doesn’t want awareness.”

The SJW crowd takes issue with Autism Speaks in part because the groups’ founder has ties to President Trump. And apparently because the organization isn’t actually run by people on the autism spectrum.

SJWs take some revolting positions, but this one takes the cake.

Here’s a tip: seeking a cure for a condition is not eugenics. MURDERING people for having a condition is eugenics. For example, Iceland now has virtually no residents with Down Syndrome. No, Iceland did not discover a cure.

Autism Speaks works to help people adjust to society and to fund research for a cure, while the preferred Autistic Self Advocacy Network essentially advocates for the same things covered in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Oh, and for people to be nice and stuff.

Yeah … there’s a reason I mock these people.