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4Chan Pranks BBC on New Brexit Petition

The folks at 4Chan are the ultimate trolls. Anyone who takes themselves too seriously is risking 4Chan figuring out a new way to take them down a peg or twelve. Say what you want about the degenerates you might find in that internet cesspool (and I mean that in the nicest possible way right now), but they’re a creative lot.

Their latest foray? Making the BBC believe that there was a popular movement for a second referendum on Brexit:

The 4 Chan bots represent the ultimate failure of the Remainstream Media.

The BBC’s desperate shilling for Remain will come under increasing scrutiny as we exclusively reveal that the supposed ‘popular petition’ for a second referendum – wholly illegal and unworkable, and unprecedented in British history – is a prank by notorious sh*tposters 4 Chan.

The BBC, the UK’s national broadcaster, gleefully reported, as real, with no basic journalistic checks, an online petition that appeared to be growing at a colossal rate. By 1:30 pm, it was one of the fastest-growing petitions in history.

So fast, in fact, that somebody should have checked for bots and scripts. The BBC is failing totally in its Charter Duty to perform basic journalistic research.

Heat Street can exclusively bring our readers the proof that the spamming of the petition is a magnificent 4Chan prank that the Chads and Stacys of the BBC and liberal media swallowed whole.  Heat Street does the basic journalistic work that the BBC failed to do:

Here are 4Chan boasting about their work on the petition


This problem many journalists fall into is called confirmation bias. They see something they agree with and really want to be true, so they stop investigating. In this case, the Remain crowd at the BBC saw a petition with what looked like massive support, and simply didn’t bother to look any deeper.

As a result, the crowd at 4Chan are getting a great laugh out of trolling the BBC.

The fact is, many Remainers are less than thrilled at the outcome of the referendum and have done everything they can to discredit the results. Unfortunately, those are the actual results and Britain is stuck with them.

All a new referendum would do is show that the Remainers just want to keep voting until they get a result they like. This is typical behavior for the Social Justice Warriors who make up such a large percentage of their number, now that I think about it.