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[WATCH] Sen. Marsha Blackburn On Dems' Anti-Freedom 'Perpetual Hysteria'

(Image: Marsha Blackburn Screenshot)
Blackburn Invokes Reagan In Defense of Freedom

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) took to the floor of the United States Senate on Monday and delivered a cautionary tale about this increasingly Orwellian administration and its extremely creepy alliance with Big Tech.

For years, the Democrats were very stealthy about their far-left goals, preferring to publicly disavow socialism and communism. As we are all aware, one Donald J. Trump broke them and made them peel off their moderate masks. Now, the most allegedly centrist candidate from the 2020 Democratic presidential field is leading the party so far left that they may never be able to find their way back to America even with a combination of GPS, a team of Sherpas, and Divine intervention.

They are not being at all coy about it. As Sen. Blackburn notes here, “…the Biden administration has done an admirable job showing the American people exactly who they are.”

Spoiler: she doesn’t mean that as a compliment.

Here is my favorite part of this speech: “Since the 2016 election, the left has existed in a state of perpetual hysteria.” The senator then mentions “the threat that our God-given freedom poses” to the Democrats’ far-left lunacy.

From almost the moment that Donald Trump was declared the winner in November of 2016, Democrats have used their collective (pun intended) emotional instability as justification for the abrogation of any rights that they find a hindrance to their goose-step march off of the leftist cliff and into totalitarian oblivion. They really kicked it up a notch during the pandemic.

There are a lot of gems in this speech, I encourage you to watch the whole thing. Yes, we’re in a precarious position here in the United States these days, but it’s nice to see that there are still good people fighting on the right side of things.

Here’s the whole thing: