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The Morning Briefing: Me Llamo Chuck Todd Edition

The Morning Briefing: Me Llamo Chuck Todd Edition
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Thank you all.

I appreciate all of the kind words in the comments yesterday. If there were any unkind ones I have a way of just ignoring them. Whiskey helps.

A couple of people asked where the president’s schedule was. In two words: it’s gone. Liz knew a guy who knew a guy who knew someone in the White House Correspondents’ Association, so she’d get an advance copy of the schedule. I ain’t that fancy. I apologize to those who will miss it, but I assure you that we will overcome this.

¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

Champion of beleaguered Hispanics everywhere, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd has words:

El Chucko expressed his concerns about President Trump’s “credibility” as a “moral leader” and “blah blah blah.” It means that he can’t do all of the healing and unifying that the people who keep telling him they hate him demand.

As we saw yesterday with Ana Navarro, it’s another case of there being virtually nothing that President Trump can do that will please these idiots. Thankfully, he knows that and doesn’t try.

He does, however, still have to be the president of the United States.

He did that yesterday in Dayton, Ohio. And he did it despite the fact that the city’s mayor was cheerleading protesters ahead of his visit.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am beginning to doubt that these lefties really want peace and love.

It is obvious that the Democrats and their various offshoots truly believe the path to victory next year and beyond involves trying to destroy this president. They no doubt also believe that by repeatedly lying about him they’ll wear down and push away some, many, or most of his supporters.

Turns out that strategy may be having the opposite effect, as the president’s support is still ticking upward, even after some of the most egregiously biased and awful media coverage he’s had to endure. The Dems and their media mouthpieces are minting new Trump fans every day now, a fact of which they remain blissfully unaware.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to use his overwhelming Twitter trolling powers to keep the ulcers burning in the hack media newsrooms:

If he would conduct the entire presidency on Twitter I’d cancel all of my streaming services.

Put your pencils down, class, it’s sharing time.

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In a music mood…

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