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NBC: Trump's Immigration Stance Is Popular in Other Democracies

NBC: Trump's Immigration Stance Is Popular in Other Democracies
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Were one to believe the mainstream media on matters of immigration, concern for border safety is a only a niche obsession of President Trump and his most ardent supporters. It would appear that isn’t the case, however:


What NBC calls the president’s “hard-line approach” many would simply refer to as “sane.” This is reflective of the media and Democrats’ habit of portraying the mere enforcement of existing immigration and asylum laws as something racist and draconian.

Almost a decade ago my native Arizona was excoriated for passing a state law that only sought to take over the enforcement of federal laws that were being ignored during the Obama administration.

It’s rough out there for those of us who don’t want criminals to be able to enter the country freely.

NBC News:

President Donald Trump has made his desire to crack down on asylum-seekers and economic migrants a central part of his policy platform ahead of the 2020 election.

But it is not just the U.S. where immigration has become a controversial and divisive subject: The president’s hard-line approach is mirrored in developed democracies around the world — particularly in Europe.

“Crack down” is just more biased rhetoric. What the president is trying to do is manage an awful situation he inherited involving an asylum system so broken even CNN’s noted Trump detractor Fareed Zakaria had to admit Trump was right about.

NBC goes on to admit that the European Union hasn’t handled its influx of refugees in recent years very well. That’s led to increased concern in Italy and Hungary.


The sentiment isn’t confined to Europe:

In Australia, anyone intercepted at sea attempting to reach the country can be shipped to Pacific islands where they are then detained while their claim is processed.

Imagine the leftist uproar here if we were shipping people out of the U.S. to detention centers.

Sadly and predictably, the NBC article only quotes pro-open borders types and completely avoids acknowledgment of the bad elements that can be hidden among throngs of refugees and asylum-seekers.

In the fairy tale version of immigration both legal and illegal that leftists and the media hold dear, everyone trying to cross our borders is an hour or two away from sainthood. Realists weep, while MS-13 and the Sinaloa Cartel silently thank the liberals for the free PR spin.

What got President Trump elected the first time was that he was the first Republican in a very long time to not buckle under the weight of the Democrats’ false narrative about illegal immigrants. Prior to Trump returning some spine to the GOP, Republicans in Washington were too timid to speak the truth because they lived in constant fear of having their feelings hurt by The New York Times.

It’s nice to finally have someone in charge who isn’t that fragile.

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