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Quinnipiac 2020 Poll: Top Three Dems Are White and Seventy-ish

Quinnipiac 2020 Poll: Top Three Dems Are White and Seventy-ish
(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, file)

While the Democrats and their trained lapdogs in the mainstream media have been touting the diversity of the large field running for president, reality has been playing out in a way that isn’t celebrating it as much.

Joe Biden has been atop the polls since his recent entry into the race and a poll last week said that he is the only one who really has a chance to defeat President Trump next year.

A new Quinnipiac poll reveals that, for all of the relative youth and diversity in the Dem 2020 group, the people at the top are a bit, um, old school:

I said “Seventy-ish” in the title of the post because Elizabeth Warren won’t be 70 for another month. That’s three candidates who will have a combined age of 226 by the time the Democratic National Convention rolls around in 2020.

Mayor Pete may have the hearts of the media right now (sorry Beto, you’re SO last year), but the media don’t reflect the feelings of the voters. Even Democratic voters, apparently.

Of course, the media still hasn’t figured this out, despite the harsh lesson it was handed in 2016.

If this triumvirate manages to stay at the top of the polls for the Dems, it will be difficult for them to run on anything other than “Hey, we’re not Trump!” The elder squad certainly doesn’t present the image of a bold new direction for the party.

That was Hillary’s only pitch in 2016. They may think it’s enough now, but messaging built on a negative doesn’t work well in presidential elections.

The Republicans learned that the hard way in 1996, 2008, and 2012.