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Social Justice Site Ponders Whether White Men 'Deserve' to Vote

For anyone who monitors a lot of news and political sources on social media, every day is filled with “The Onion or Not The Onion?” moments. Much of what the leftists–especially the social just warriors–do is often hard to distinguish from satire or parody.


Here’s an example:

I clicked, almost afraid of what I would find.

It turns out that the site was founded by a teenager and caters to teens. More on that in a moment. Let’s look at the meat of the post.

Now, history lessons aside; many people who disagree so far might be thinking, “Yes, all this injustice that happened in the past was undoubtedly awful. However, two wrongs don’t make a right.” However one can’t be sure if withdrawing the white man’s vote could be considered a “wrong”. Furthermore, the point here that has to be made is that banning white men from voting temporarily will help them understand systemic injustice and help them become better, more empathetic allies to the social justice cause. In contexts like these, identity politics can be helpful, empowering and contributing to an important learning experience. White men who want to become better allies always come across the problem of “I will never understand what it feels like to be systemically oppressed” but this proposal may further their understanding of minority needs and improve relations between different genders and races, which is the ultimate goal; equality.

That’s the conclusion offered by the sixteen-year-old author. Let’s commit an injustice to make people understand injustice. This, of course, is not unheard of from leftists.


Digging into the author’s background is difficult. Here’s a bio on Affinity:

“A 16 year old Asian teenager who is passionate about social justice and politics. A hardcore feminist, #BLM supporter and LGBTQ+ rights advocate. I also love chocolate, Ariana Grande and cats.”

A perusal of her Twitter account doesn’t reveal much either, which leaves only two real conclusions: it’s a sock-puppet account set up by an adult feminist to make teens seem super woke or, worse yet, it’s a sixteen-year-old who really took to the indoctrination. There’s a level of precociousness here that leads me to believe the former, but that’s still problematic.

If, in fact, it is being run by a feminist adult posing as a teen it just shows the depth of commitment to indoctrination. The message here is, “This is how teenagers are.” Peer pressure is powerful at that age. While some no doubt pick up on indoctrination at home and in school, a lot of kids still prefer being kids.

Leftists, especially feminists, won’t let that stand. They would come into the delivery room when your child is born to preach the progressive orthodoxy if they could.

Oh-oh, shouldn’t give them any ideas.

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