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Johnny Manziel Reportedly Headed Back to College

Via USA Today:

Johnny Manziel is apparently back as a student at Texas A&M.

Multiple news outlets reported the free agent NFL quarterback had enrolled in classes. Manziel’s name appears in the student directory when searched on the school’s website.

This is very good news if true. Manziel was on the Todd Marinovich path to self destruction. The former Heisman winner was a starting quarterback in the NFL less than a year ago but his personal habits kept spiraling out of control. His off-field antics got him demoted to third string after he had been named the Cleveland Browns’ (they’re still in the NFL. Weird, I know) starter for the remainder of last season. Then he just got worse in the off season, making him toxic even to teams that generally like rehab projects (*cough* Raiders *cough*). All the makings of a truly tragic ending were in place. If he really can turn himself around, he may have time to give pro football another go.

Manziel has been a punchline for a while now, but nobody wants to see a young man completely ruin his life, even if he has a big financial cushion while doing so.

Let’s hope he’s not back in school just for the parties.