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America Was Cool; Enjoy the Last Few Months of It, Kids

Now that the Democrats have ended the well-catered pillow delivery they called a “sit-in,” America can get back to the business of self-loathing regarding our presidential election choices. That task is so time-consuming that we really don’t have many moments to ponder what comes after November.

As I emotionally checked out of the upcoming election a while ago, I’ve had time to ponder the future and can only say that if America isn’t presently in the throes of its death rattle, it is probably still prudent to begin searching for good hospice care.

Until just a few months ago, I was one of those red, white, and blue optimists who firmly believed that the United States could survive damage done by whatever idiots an apathetic electorate put in charge. I terribly underestimated two things: the Democrats’ contempt for the Constitution and the Republicans’ commitment to losing, even when they win.

Now that we’re about three quarters through an elaborate falling dominoes design that will probably end up looking like a hammer and sickle, all I have to say is that you should enjoy the last few months of America because there is one thing of which I am now certain: the republic as we have enjoyed it will cease to exist after the next election.

No, I don’t mean “America” will be gone, rather the America we’ve known.



Put a “Che” shirt on it.

The Democrats are presently waging war on the Fifth Amendment to satisfy their ideological blood lust for the Second. Rep. John Lewis, who as a young civil rights pioneer was watched by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and also accidentally placed on a federal no-fly list despite being a veteran member of Congress, is now a champion of using secret FBI lists to strip away Second Amendment rights. I’ll run off and make a cup of coffee while you let that sink in.

Make no mistake, once the due process rights are gone, it’s “knock on your door in the middle of the night” justice time. In fact, I wasn’t really worried about the country’s future until the Dems became so open and casual about their disregard for due process. They’ll say it’s just about guns, but reality-based people know that there has never been a time when the federal behemoth opted for moderation when given any kind of leeway.

One might think that the leftist contempt for the Constitution couldn’t be that far ranging — they must still like free speech, right?

Not so much. Those in academia, who along with teachers’ unions form the Indoctrination Wing of the Democratic Party, have been assailing free speech for years (they’ve been doing a lot of the ground work in the assault on due process too). Anything uttered on most college campuses that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative is deemed “hate speech” or blamed for “triggering” an unhinged emotional response in weak students who would probably be better served by full-time supervision in a mental health facility. Many American campuses now have their own little KGB response teams to ID and punish verbal offenders.

Some hope might exist if the press were responsible and worried about their freedom. Sadly, major media is now a fully functioning propaganda apparatus for the Democrats, shamelessly pimping the Narrative du jour. They know that as long as they remain faithful lapdogs, their jobs are safe.

To present-day Democrats, the First Amendment is merely a quaint little relic they trot out when they need to shut down a fifth grade Christmas pageant in a public school.

“But Stephen,” some of you say, “surely Super Trump and his Fighting McConnells will push back against all of this so we can be great and stuff again.”

Well, der Orangenführer has already indicated he’s with the Dems when it comes to junking the Fifth Amendment to nuke Second Amendment rights.

This isn’t the fighter you were looking for.

The Republicans who are in charge of the legislative branch aren’t really going to ride to the rescue either, due to the aforementioned commitment to losing even when they win. In his first press conference after the very successful 2014 midterm election, the man about to become Senate majority leader let everyone know he was more interested in working with Barack Obama than he was with Ted Cruz.

That was the most pressing thing on his mind right after the GOP had been given the keys to Capitol Hill. If you’re looking for a Republican “leader” who will say almost anything to keep from upsetting Democrats or having mean things said about him in the MSM, Mitch is your man. Sadly, he’s probably all out of spine for a protracted fight against progressives, who never have anything bad said about them in the press.

True, there are still some decent Republicans willing to put principle over popularity but, as proven by the McConnell presser mentioned above, they’re generally viewed as unsavory by Republican leadership.

Any way I look at this, I can’t see it going well after next January. Whichever candidate prevails, the country is going to be left with a quick-tempered leader who is so emotionally fragile and thin-skinned that Barack Obama looks like a paragon of “What, me worry?” by comparison.

Should the Democrats retake the Senate, that means Dame van der Cankles is in the White House and the Executive Action Machine will be working overtime. Oh, they’ll also have a Supreme Court judge, and won’t have to worry about any more pesky judicial branch interference with the Executive dream.

The Constitution-gutting Democrat agenda will advance practically unabated, slowed only by the occasional terrorist attack that distracts them for a few weeks. Pretending the Islamist who just killed people isn’t/wasn’t Islamist is a lot of busy work and redirects propaganda machine resources away from other issues, after all.

If you are looking for Trump and the GOP to pull off some sort of Wonder Twins act and use their powers to fight the progressive horde (even if it’s not in control of Congress), I commend your optimism.

I would also like to drink or take whatever you just did.

Maybe we’ll get lucky with a Trump-appointed SCOTUS justice, but we all know what an inexact science that is for Republicans. Google “john roberts obamacare” if you don’t.

The Democrats have dropped the veil on their decades-long Soviet fetish and there are precious few scenarios which don’t favor them getting their wishes, either incrementally or by Christmas 2017.

Of course, they won’t be calling it “Christmas” then.

And you should probably answer that knock at your door.