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What the Heck? 'National Enquirer' Hires Dick Morris

Via Politico:

The National Enquirer has hired Dick Morris to serve as chief political commentator and correspondent, the tabloid announced in a news release Friday morning.

Morris will have a column in the Enquirer’s print edition each week, and will also write for its website and do video commentary.

A former Clinton campaign staffer, Morris has become a cable news regular by virtue of his reliably critical and takes on his former employers.

“The National Enquirer is one of the few journalistic outlets that has the courage to publish the truth,” said Morris in a statement. “As this critical election approaches, I am thrilled to have a perch from which to tell the unvarnished truth, particularly about Hillary Clinton — facts other publications just don’t print because it doesn’t fit.”

Let’s not discount Morris’s place in American political lore. He is the one who taught Bubba how to “triangulate,” which is pithy code for “steal ideas from Republicans and pretend they were yours all along” (see: “welfare reform”).

Since then, however, he’s been pretty much wrong about everything. His career as a political prognosticator on FNC was marked by the fact he missed the mark, oh, about 99.987% of the time.

I spoke at a couple of events with Morris in 2012 and he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in politics. We had some rather calm, but omnipresent, Democrats protesting each place we were stopping at and he would always go over and do a little informal “meet and greet” with them.

He may also be onto something. The Enquirer isn’t afraid to go negative on Democrats. Sure, whatever truthful political story they break may be right next to a celebrity alien abduction and probe piece, but they still break them on occasion. In 2008 while the New York Times was lying about John McCain having an extramarital affair, the Enquirer was breaking the news about John Edwards’ very real cheating habit. The Times said they didn’t run the Edwards story because there wasn’t enough evidence.

Morris has always had a penchant for speaking his mind, and it could be popcorn time watching him go off on Hillary without many restrictions.