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'New York Times' Dem Debate Recap: Hillary's Kinda Cranky

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

I may have paraphrased a bit, but it is a plausible takeaway from this recap. Many of the descriptions of Mrs. Bill in this article are less than flattering and subtly paint a picture of a not-so-pleasant woman.

Remember, kids: no one does subtle bias quite like the Times.

First off, the Missus is “harsh”:

Mrs. Clinton, lobbing her harshest assault yet in their race for the Democratic presidential nomination, said months of criticism by Mr. Sanders over her taking speaking fees from Wall Street banks amounted to a suggestion that she was corrupt — or, as she put it, a “very artful smear.” It was the sort of cutting remark she usually reserves for Republicans, and it drew boos from many in the audience at the University of New Hampshire.

She got booed by Sanders on that one too, by the way.

Her Inevitable Madameship was quickly upgraded from harsh to ferocious:

The ferocity of Mrs. Clinton’s remarks in the debate was risky, given that many voters, including some Democrats, already have an unfavorable opinion of her. She is also running far behind Mr. Sanders in the polls leading up to Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, and her attacks — while geared toward undercutting his popularity here — might backfire with some undecided voters who have positive feelings about Mr. Sanders.

This article was more like a journalistic mood watch for Hillary than anything else. Bernie is portrayed as a cool customer and Hillary, well, the poor dear has issues.

Mrs. Clinton, appearing tense and even angry at times, was particularly sensitive about receiving millions of dollars in speaking fees,

There’s a later mention of her “vitriol” but by then I think most readers had gotten the point.

Hillary likes to blame all of her problems on Republicans but — and I’m just wildly speculating here — there’s a good chance the Times correspondents aren’t registered GOP types.

There is an even better chance that she is just so remarkably loathsome that she can lose to a raving socialist who, if paired with almost anyone else, would be the one freaking people out.