Anti-Racist Left Teams Up with White Identitarians to Crush Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination

Anti-Racist Left Teams Up with White Identitarians to Crush Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination
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The left-wing meltdown after President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the vacant Supreme Court seat was thoroughly predictable and pretty fantastic. The panic that sets in when they think the right to kill babies might be restricted is always kind of gross, and they never fail to overplay their hand. It hasn’t been that long since Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

There are two primary lines of attack on Barrett. The first is her faith, which was also central to attacks on her during her confirmation to the appellate court. Senator Dianne Feinstein proceeded with an offensive line of questioning about Barrett’s Catholic faith, pointedly saying, “The dogma lives loudly within you.” Mind you, the Constitution prohibits religious tests for public office. But Democrats only like that particular document when they think they can leverage it.

Next is her judicial philosophy. To her credit, Barrett put that right out front in her nomination speech. She clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia and stated clearly that his judicial philosophy is her own. This statement means she looks to the text of the law when ruling—not what she wishes it said or thinks it should say in the current moment. Democrats hate this because they prefer judges who legislate.

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The attack that no one really expected was on her children. Amy Coney Barrett has seven children, two of whom are adopted. She and her husband adopted two black children from Haiti. Some lefty loons are questioning her ability to be a mother and a Supreme Court Justice. Why this would be any more difficult than being a good mom and college professor, an appellate court judge, or any other job a mother might hold seems ridiculous. The entire line of attack also seems antithetical to the thinking of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whom they claim to revere.

That was a genuinely disgusting attack. However, it drives home a significant point. Anti-racists and racists have a lot in common. The original tweet came from Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. He is a professor at Boston University and one of the grifters schlepping critical race theories into our corporations and schools. Kendi’s basic premise is that past discrimination can only be solved by present discrimination against perceived oppressors. A gross and completely anti-American view, but he truly embraces it.

Here were his thoughts on Amy Coney Barrett’s adoption:

Let’s be clear: since the earthquake in 2010, Haiti has been in decline. In 2019, only one in four residents had access to basic sanitation, and almost 60% of the population lived on less than $2.41 per day. There are few public schools, and because of policies going back decades, Haiti is almost wholly dependent on the U.S. for agricultural products. If children are in orphanages or awaiting adoption, it is highly likely their parents are not in the picture.

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According to Operation Underground Railroad CEO Tim Ballard, Haiti is also the #3 human trafficking hub globally. So, the Coney Barrett family provided a home in America to two children born in a dangerous and poor country. They will be educated, given every opportunity, and live in a safe and secure home—in a country where they are supposed to be judged by the content of their character. Yet here is the anti-racist judging the entire situation according to the color of people’s skin.

And he wasn’t alone. The most prominent racist in the country agreed wholeheartedly with Kendi:

The white identitarian movement and the anti-racist movement are simply two sides of the same coin. Rather than looking at individuals, they look at groups and assign membership according to immutable characteristics. They both believe government policy should be built around those differences, and specific attributes should be assigned to groups.

Recently, Ryan Long put this into a comedic frame, poking fun at how closely these two ideologies resemble one another:

It is a no-brainer to reject both extremes. The right does a pretty good job marginalizing people like Spencer. Their views do not resemble ours at the most basic level. He is a collectivist, where conservatives are focused on the individual.

Unfortunately, the left celebrates their racists, like Dr. Kendi. Instead of having his views marginalized, they are increasingly mainstream within the Democrat Party. Embracing this philosophy is an extremely dangerous road and one the liberal left, if it even exists anymore, needs to make an immediate U-turn on.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson often says, the left doesn’t recognize when it goes too far. A student of history, he also says the following:

I think the whole group identity thing is seriously pathological. I think we’ve made big mistakes in Canada. I understand why, at least to some degree, in that respect, and large mistakes are being made across the Western world.

Where we’re making your group identity the most important thing about you. I think that is reprehensible. It is devastating. It is genocidal in its ultimate expression. I think it will bring down our civilization if we pursue it. We shouldn’t be playing that game. So what is the alternative?

The clear alternative is rejecting the destructive views of the white identitarians and the self-styled anti-racists. Dr. Kendi and his worldview are no less harmful than Spencer’s. The sooner the liberal left figures that out and walks away from this race-based madness, the better.

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