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Not Your Grandpa's GOP: 'Texas Reloaded' Ad, Led by Dan Crenshaw, Showcases a Young, Vibrant GOP

Screenshot from brilliant new ad for several young Texas Republicans.

GOP candidates are putting out some great ads. “Texas Reloaded” is the latest submission, and it is a little different. It is a joint ad led by current officeholder Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and five new faces running for the House of Representatives from other districts in Texas. Crenshaw earned national attention when Pete Davidson mocked him on Saturday Night Live. His response was both measured, gracious, and funny when he appeared with Davidson to address the controversy.

Since taking office, Crenshaw has been one of the best at using social media and alternative methods of reaching the public. His podcast “Hold These Truths” features guests from across the political spectrum who discuss current events. He also appears on podcasts with hosts from across the spectrum, such as Joe Rogan, to reach voters with conservative messages, which he articulates in a very relatable way.

Now he has embraced the idea of invading the culture with fellow Republican candidates in an ad styled after the Marvel Avengers franchise. Larping Nick Fury is an excellent use of his eye patch, to be sure:

As the Democrats try to position themselves as the party of youth and diversity, the party leadership keeps having senior moments. Whether it is Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her bizarre mental reset during a Sunday morning interview, Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and an odd exit stage-right, or just about any public appearance by the nominee Joe Biden, there is a fair amount of Democrat doddering going on.

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The Democrats’ most visible youthful members unite around one concept: America is a truly awful, racist, terrible place that cannot be fixed unless we burn it to the ground. You see this in the outward support for riots and insurrection from Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. While we are assured there is a sizeable moderate wing in the New Democrat caucus, we never hear from them. They also vote lockstep with Pelosi and the Squad, so they have no real power no matter their numbers.

Yet here is a diverse, youthful group of Republicans uniting and having fun in Texas. Not only that, these folks are accomplished. Crenshaw, of course, is a former Navy SEAL and graduate of Harvard University. His resilience in the face of debilitating injuries and unflappable optimism are already apparent.

He is joined by Wesley Hunt, running in TX-07. He is a West Point graduate with a hat-trick of graduate degrees from Cornell University. He works in real estate, is an active volunteer serving on charitable boards, and is a brand-new dad.

August Pfluger, the candidate in TX-11, is an elite combat pilot who has flown missions in the Middle East. He also served on the National Security Council under President Trump. Pfluger graduated with honors from the U.S. Air Force Academy and served in the Pentagon and NATO Command. He is the proud father of three young daughters and coaches their youth soccer teams.

Tony Gonzales, campaigning in TX-23, is the embodiment of what is possible in America. By the age of seven, he was abandoned by his father, and due to issues his mother had, was raised by his grandparents. His grandfather died when he was 18, and Tony joined the Navy without his high school diploma. He was deployed multiple times in combat zones and achieved the Navy’s highest enlisted rank, Master Chief Petty Officer, and is a career cryptologist. He completed his high school and college education and is now a Ph.D. candidate in International Development focusing on Security Studies and International Politics. He and his wife have six children.

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Beth Van Duyne is the former mayor of Irving, Texas, and is now running in TX-24. She served on the board of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and is a successful businesswoman. Her tenure as mayor saw tremendous economic and job growth, the city won several awards for the quality of life, including the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, which had only been awarded to one other city. In her 25-year career, she has worked in businesses large and small and served on various community and industry boards.

TX-32 is where Genevieve Collins is running. She is a graduate of SMU’s Cox School of business and was named one of 2018’s 20 locals under 40 for her work turning around low-performing school districts. She is the head of corporate strategy at a leading education technology firm, which helps students and teachers pinpoint exact measures of a student’s reading and math ability. Because of her work to date, she was invited to Washington, D.C., where she proposed landmark public education reforms.

Pretty formidable crew! One thing is clear. These candidates from Texas can join the ranks of the new cool kids of the GOP like Kim Klacik from Baltimore, Alek Skarlatos from Oregon, and Sean Parnell from Western Pennsylvania.

Klacik has put out two ads with viral appeal. With her signature dress, heels, and brisk, business-like walk, she shows her vision to bring back Baltimore. Her commercials are major productions. Even director and actor Nick Searcy took note of the production value and strong messaging.

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Alek Skarlatos is an Army veteran who stopped a terrorist on a European train, speaks directly about how a career politician has left his district behind. Job losses and industrial losses have resulted in OR-04 having the worst economy in the state. Peter DeFazio, the current representative, has been in office longer than Alek has been alive. This one is reminiscent of the Black Rile Coffee genre.

Likewise, Sean Parnell riffed off another cultural classic, the Dollar Shave Club ads. A former Army Ranger with multiple honors, he manages to slam just about every prominent Democrat in a hilarious rant.

This is not your grandpa’s GOP. And boy, does the establishment hate it. You can tell because so many of them are supporting Joe Biden. The neo-liberal consensus does not meet the future needs of the country. These candidates are focused on making America better for working families and ensuring that the American Dream is alive for everyone to pursue.

Like it or not, conservatives are becoming the counterculture. The left can’t meme, while we have a sense of humor, open minds, and a much bigger tent. The best time to be in your right mind is right now because conservatives have more fun.

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