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That's Some Mighty Fine Wishful Thinking About Biden Over at MSDNC [SNORT]

That's Some Mighty Fine Wishful Thinking About Biden Over at MSDNC [SNORT]
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If you ever need proof of just how badly Moscow Maddow and the crew at MSNBC have brainwashed voters, simply watch a segment where Joe Biden takes viewer questions. When I ran across a headline in The Hill this morning, I was confused.

Biden says he would not pardon Trump

Even skimming the article and listening to the video during a commercial break on my podcast didn’t help.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Thursday said that if he is elected president he would not use his power to pardon President Trump or stop any investigations into the current president or his administration.

In my defense, I’d only had two cups of coffee. My first question was “For WHAT?!” I may have repeated this several times on air when we returned. The article gave little context about what preceded this bizarre declaration, so I assumed Lawrence O’Donnell was more delusional than usual. I decided to find the original clip.

So much more insightful. Some poor viewer is laboring under the misconception that anything reported by MSNBC about Russian collusion or impeachment could still be true. And that eventually the #Resistance dream of seeing President Trump behind bars will come true. Mostly because he had the unmitigated gall to deny Hillary Clinton “her turn.” Poor guy.

However, if you continue watching the clip, you can understand why this poor soul takes this view. It also becomes clear what the next four years will bring no matter who wins in November of 2020. And you can ignore Stacey Abrams. She was not announced as Biden’s running mate today, much to my chagrin. At least then she would have to stop being the pretend governor of Georgia.


Following Biden’s answer to the caller, O’Donnell gleefully moves to assure himself that Biden will allow the “investigative trail” to go wherever it leads. Biden assures him this is the case and launches into a veiled criticism of Attorney General Bill Barr.

We never saw anything like the prostitution of that office like we see it today

Then he trailed off into some gobbledygook because he is Joe Biden. I am sure it made sense in his head as O’Donnell and Abrams looked on quizzically. I was just glad he didn’t say “prosecutorial intercourse.”

Maybe Biden slept through his eight years as vice president. I remember a wingman, a tarmac meeting, and just this week learned the Logan Act was President Obama’s idea on how to prosecute General Flynn. If Biden was in the January 5, 2016, meeting, he certainly knows the president he worked with directed investigations and prosecutions. Maybe he just doesn’t remember.

I guess O’Donnell thinks a Biden Department of Justice or continued Schiff shows will unearth the evidence of some kind of wrongdoing on the part of the president or his allies. It’s not like deep state actors have not already ruined countless lives over their temper tantrum at losing in 2016. Bankruptcies, lost careers and untold emotional damage are just the price you pay if you oppose them.


Never mind that Robert Mueller took two-and-a-half years, 40 million dollars, and 17 angry Democrats and came up with nothing on President Trump. Secret hearings under the watchful eye of Adam Schiff in the underground bunker came up dry as well. If you get to the bottom of The Hill article, you see where they hope to go next:

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court began oral arguments in a landmark case regarding Trump’s prior tax documents. Trump’s legal team has argued that his presidential powers shield him from the subpoenas that have been issued for his financial records and tax returns.

Oh goody. More investigations in search of a crime. There is absolutely no other reason congressional Democrats are pursuing these documents. If they are successful, we will be exposed to months, if not years, of them breathlessly combing through documents and breathlessly asking Trump allies and business associates questions.

And if the subpoenas for the tax returns are denied, you can count on a colonoscopy of the pandemic response. According to Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) this is already underway with pandemic response oversight in the House. Attorney General Barr is still due to testify in front of the Judiciary Committee about Roger Stone’s sentencing. It was delayed due to the pandemic. Now committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D- N.J.) is demanding he answer questions about General Flynn’s case as well.


The only way we end this nightmare is by taking back the House. We all need to work to flip back districts like the 25th in California that was just taken back by Mike Garcia. It is really time for the Democrats’ national temper-tantrum to end. The only way that happens is if the caucus pays a political price for wasting Americans’ time and money on their partisan vendetta.


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