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Don't Take My Constitutional Republic Away from Me

What do you do when your most important possession is being taken away?

How you answer depends on many things, including “what can I do?”

But right now, if you’re an American, you’re in precisely this position.  Our arrantly ignorant speaker of the House, and those who aid her and abet her have more or less stop disguising the fact that they no longer even pretend to hold your vote sacred or to respect the Constitution.

In my case, my rights are being stolen in many ways, some of them courtesy of my state.

When I was eight I decided I was going to live in Denver and be a writer.  At the time my knowledge of geography was such that I wasn’t absolutely sure which country Denver was in, and thought it was by the sea.  (I think the idea came from seeing a picture somewhere and feeling drawn to it.)  I’d like to say the plan came to fruition without my doing anything to precipitate it, but it would be a lie. The truth is that we were living in South Carolina, and my husband’s job required so many long hours that he was missing the first year of our son’s life.  So he asked where we should move. Did I have a preference?  Of course, I immediately said, “I always wanted to live in Denver.”  Since he had nothing against Denver, he applied and he found a job (in Colorado Springs back then, but close enough).

The point of this digression is that the moment we drove into Colorado, with a loaded car, a toddler and a cat, both of us had the feeling we’d finally come home.

We’ve now lived in Colorado longer than we lived anywhere else, and we still love Denver. But there’s no denying that for some time now – since 2012 to be exact – the state has been in the hands of increasingly bold leftist statists.

Yes, some of this is due to the immigration of increasing numbers of Californians.  But some of it is due to other reasons, which I’ll mention later.

The increasingly bold – and stupid – leftists recently passed a bill that the Colorado presidential votes will go to the winner of the popular vote.

This effective abolishing of the Electoral College for Colorado residents means we are being deprived of our vote, which is being outsourced to New York, Chicago, and California, where the popular vote can be inflated to any amount the Democrats wish since fraud is more or less untrammeled in those areas.

Recently I found myself explaining to a twenty-something why this is a problem since no one had ever explained to the young idiot why it was a bad idea in a country the size of ours to have a direct vote for president (or anything, really) all over the country.  I pointed out we’d effectively be ruled by the big cities of the East and California, and if he thinks that’s a good idea because they’re generally of his political color, he should consider how different life is, say, between the East and the West, just in terms of travel. If Alexandria Occasional Cortex were from the West, she would know that with the best intentions of the world, our vast distances won’t be covered by any magical socialist choo-choo.  And if it were, it would be impossible to run them at times that suited most people.

Take where I said above that Colorado Springs is “close enough” to Denver.  From where we lived to get to the place where we stayed when on weekends with the boys (which is not even Denver proper, but Centennial, on the Southern edge of Denver) took us an hour and a half.

I know, from when I stayed there as an exchange student, that such a distance in the East is considered “a long way” and will not be undertaken more than a few times a year. But not only did we go and stay over the weekend “a few times a year,” but we also went up to Denver for lectures, or to have dinner with a visiting friend more or less twice a month.

And as you know, if you live in the region, at rush hour, the traffic between the two cities is bumper to bumper because of everyone who lives in one and works in the other, and then there’s a secondary rush hour around 7 p.m. with all the singles heading up to the bars in Denver. (Not sure why. Just seems to be a thing.)

Any decisions on things like gasoline taxes or green whatever made in the East will ignore that people in the West need or like to drive a heck of a lot more.

And if we let them make our decisions for us, we end up in the position of, say, rural France, which is causing a lot of the fury of the yellow jackets: it’s prohibitive to drive to where jobs or groceries or even entertainment is, because people in the regions making the laws don’t drive that much.

That’s just one, minor difference.  Since we have family in the East, there are a lot of others, including things like ranching, farming, water rights, and just “we do it differently.”

Then there is the fact that the citadels of the left in big cities are even less secure as to votes and vote verification than … well, than Denver.  Which is saying a lot.

In fact, San Fran Nan doesn’t think they should be secure.  She recently went on about how we shouldn’t curtail the votes of illegal immigrants.  Read that again: ILLEGAL immigrants, who in point of fact are breaking our laws by being here, and who should not under any circumstances be allowed to vote.

And the House is doing its best to make little Nancy’s fondest dream come true.  Their “For the People Act” (btw, that phrase usually means “for the politicians”) does the following:

  • Forces states to allow felons to vote
  • Overrides state voter ID laws
  • Removes safeguards to prevent voter fraud
  • Taxpayer money will fund all candidates whether taxpayers support that person or not
  • Taxpayer money would fund campaigns by 6-1 margin
  • Taxpayer money would also fund child care and personal expenses of candidates

And if you don’t like it, you must be racist-sexist-homophobic.

Do you not find it interesting that the first thing “Democrats” do when in power is to make it impossible to make sure your vote counts and that there are no extraneous, illegal and ill-considered votes (the bill would also make every felon eligible to vote) diluting your legal and thought-out vote?  It’s almost like they can’t win without massive, immense amounts of fraud.

This bothers me probably more than it bothers most people because I wasn’t lucky enough to be born in the U.S. I was set to immigrate by other means when I fell in love with my husband and married him.  But citizenship isn’t automatic after that.  You have to go through a probation period where everyone pokes into your life to make sure you didn’t marry just “for citizenship.”  There is money involved, both in going to the next big city for required INS interviews and in various application fees.  I don’t remember anymore how much it cost us 30 years go, except for knowing it was a lot for a broke young couple.  But a friend who underwent the process three years ago spent around five thousand dollars.

Beyond that, there was a bigger and more personal cost.  If you come to the States and understand the meaning of the Constitution, the meaning of American citizenship, which is a citizenship of belief (in our founding documents) as well as a territorial matter. If you want to become American, and not just someone who lives here – and I did, oh, how I did – you acculturate, which is like dying a little.  You change your habits of mind, your habits of behavior, till you die to the person you were, and become the person you must be.

I paid in losing family and friends, in losing the validity of my degree, in losing familiarity with my first language which I can no longer write or speak with any reliability.

I paid in raising my children away from kith and kin who could have helped when we were young, broke and overworked.

Was it worth it? Of course it was.  Every bit of it. If I didn’t want to be part of the best, greatest hope of humanity, I wouldn’t have done it.

It certainly was worth it to raise my children as Americans: to join this great project of government by consent of the governed.

So, with these unconstitutional tips and trips, the Democrats are stealing your birth right, but they’re stealing the right that I earned with sweat and tears, if not with blood.

It’s exactly like buying a house after much sacrifice and having your neighbor come in and take what they want and tell you how to live.

And like it, it is illegal, an outrage against our fundamental laws.

It’s like what is going on in Colorado. As soon as the Democrats won by a slim majority they changed our voting process to “all by mail” to save money (they say).

The fact is that “all by mail” is “all by fraud.”  It makes it exponentially easier to go dumpster diving and harvest votes, or to make them up out of whole cloth.  My first elections in my last house we got registration cards for dozens of people. Only three people, a very Democrat family, had lived there.  If it were now? Those would be all mail ballots.

Colorado, like Oregon before it, will never go red again until vote-by-mail is abolished.

But because I love my state, because I love my country, because both loves are hard fought, I plead with you to do something: the Democrats lost in 2016 because they underestimated Trump. They didn’t fraud as hard as they could.

I’m begging you to ignore the conveniences that tell the Democrats ahead of time how many votes will need to be manufactured. We can’t do anything about polls staying open for two weeks to allow the Democrats to win, as happened in Arizona.  But we can do these things, no matter how inconvenient:

  • Lie to pollsters.  Lie like a rug. Tell them you are voting straight Democrat.  It is not a sin to lie to liars.
  • Vote in person.
  • Vote on the day, if at all possible, and no more than a day in advance.
  • Shred your mail-in ballot or cut it in tiny strips before you discard.
  • Take a friend to the polls with you.  Or take three, if you’re sure of their votes.

Please, I beg you.  Don’t let them take this country away from us. There is no other to go to. All are more “advanced” on the road to socialism, which is roughly equivalent to being “advanced” in cancer.

And socialism is the thing you can vote yourself into — but you have to shoot your way out of.

The only way to avoid that necessity is to win enough elections to restore our constitutional republic.  The one I signed up for.