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Dear Americans: You're Breaking Socialist Hearts!

How many illegal immigrants (or immigrants in general) are enough? How many would the left want to give entry and benefits in our country to?

You can ask your leftist acquaintances – though they might lie – but I think the answer from the left would be: “Any of them who want to come in.”


Now, if you’re a sane human being or even a human being who can pass as sane on odd Tuesdays, you probably look at that, at the caravan approaching us, at the caravans forming already in other South American countries, and you scratch your head and go, “What in hell would that do? If we bring South America here, all we’ll manage to do is make the U.S. into South America.”

Ah, but you don’t understand. Even if you tell the leftists that these people coming here will wreck our economy, bankrupt Social Security, and generally make it impossible for Americans to continue to live at the level they live at now, you’ll be told “good” or “it’s what we deserve.”

I started having a feeling not all was well when a friend’s son went to Africa with his church mission some years ago and came back telling us it was immoral for us to be so rich while these people had nothing.

This impression got far stronger when my own kids hit high school. And the impression was: these kids are being sold a Marxist bill of goods. And not just about the U.S. and the way the U.S. works — no. About other countries too.

Like any good parent, I read my kids’ school books. I invite you to do the same if you have kids or nephews and nieces. From economics to history to geography, a message is communicated: the rest of the world is poor because the U.S. is rich.

This makes perfect sense when you realize most of the people writing these books have never been abroad as anything but very wealthy tourists, and have never run a lemonade stand in this country. They thereby believe in the fixed pie idea of economics. You see, if we live very very well and other people live badly, obviously we or our ancestors “stole” the wealth from them or their ancestors.


In South America, by the way, this is an article of faith, composed partly of Spanish culture supremacism (“if the US didn’t hold us down, we’d be the greatest) and partly of getting their ideas of the U.S. from our own intellectuals.

I didn’t grow up in a South American country, but the culture rhymes. I think I told before of the father of a friend who, when I was fourteen, informed me that the Portuguese would have invented/produced much better computers than IBM if “the U.S. had let us.” I tried to figure out what the U.S. was doing to hold back this powerhouse of Portuguese computing and got a confused story about not being allowed to grow rice and if Portugal did something or other (search me. It made no sense then, and I have trouble remembering insane ramblings), the U.S. would cut aid. Thereby making it impossible for Portugal to have a computer industry.

In the years to follow, I heard similar stories about pretty much everything.

None of it was the fault of the (then) 48 official holidays a year; the culture of the 2-hour lunch and the hourly coffee, and of considering a job a sinecure from which it’s very hard to fire anyone; the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle; the cultural disdain for people who work too hard; the socially conformist culture that makes it hard to invent or innovate; the lack of secure property rights; and the socialist policies that stood astride the economy yelling “stop.” No, America had more than Portugal did, and produced more than Portugal did, so it was all America’s fault.

I suspect in South America you should multiply that by 10 at least. I’ve read and seen hints of it.


And of course, our leftists believe it.

Why wouldn’t they? If they didn’t believe brown people over white people they’d be racists, right? Never mind.

Then there’s the other – ah – shoe of this nightmarish mess.

See, sometime in the middle of the twentieth century, it became obvious that Marx was wrong. The proletariat was not going to arise in a magnificently bloody revolution and expropriate the upper classes. (This was already obvious for people in Marx’s time who actually paid attention. Marx didn’t. He was too busy cribbing already disproven economic ideas to notice reality.)

Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt school saved the left from a crisis of faith by identifying the third world and other races as the fated “proletariat” of Marxism.

This was one part noble savage and three parts blind faith, but the left still believes it. They are absolutely convinced that somehow people who can tan are naturally communitarian and naturally socialist.

I did mention none of these people have ever been outside the U.S. on their own, in a country in which they speak the language, without tour guides, chaperones, or enough money to insulate them from reality, right?

Because this crazy idea wouldn’t survive ten minutes, otherwise.

Sure, the mess in Africa and in much of South America is Marxist, but not the way they think. The problem is that these countries send their best and brightest to study economics and governance in the west, where for the last fifty years we’ve taught them Marxism. Which then goes back home and gets added to cultures that never fully experienced the industrial revolution, and which are still captive of tribalism and, in South America’s case, the messy remnants of being a Roman frontier. (Rome never really fell. The bureaucracy and government fell. The culture is still marching on. That entire Portuguese and Spanish conquest was no more and certainly no less than a late hit of Roman conquering.)


But to the left, this is all our fault. We’re somehow keeping them poor and oppressed and downtrodden, while we live it up on what we stole from them. Or are still stealing from them. It’s economic and cultural imperialism all the way down. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the logic because logic is a tool of oppression. Until America is poor, other countries can’t be rich. Obama heartily believed in the closed pie, both at an individual and a country level. This is what fueled his idiotic comments about people having made enough money, and also his simpering, apologizing world tour. Possibly also his putting a knife in our economic back. Being financially retarded, he couldn’t understand that making America poor only makes the rest of the world poorer.

I just want you to understand he’s not unique. This is what the left believes.

Their support for the endless immigration is only partly because they think brown people being naturally socialist will give them power. It’s mostly that they think we deserve it and that the U.S. needs to be brought low before the rest of the world can become less of a shithole.

It’s also that this is the last philosophical stand of socialism. If the little brown noble savages don’t save it by making America a socialist paradise, the left has to admit its faith was wrong and brings only death and destruction.

Someone did a study decades ago that showed it’s almost impossible for someone to change politics after 45. The faithful adherents of Marxism are either very young (which means there’s hope) or very old. The old ones have the power. The old ones can’t change their minds.


And to them, this is all about race and injustice.

Remember when some friends and I got in a fight with the establishment over who got the plastic record of the Hugo award? We, myself (female, first generation immigrant, Latina), my friend Larry Correia (male, but second-generation immigrant, Latino), and our friend Brad Torgersen (male, white, but married to an African American woman) decided that for the last several years the award had been losing prestige by being handed to the lit crit set that no one read. And we thought it was time to hand it back to stories people actually liked (mostly because it billed itself as a fan award).

We expected screams and attacks – and there were screams and attacks – but we did not expect that our effort would be labeled as an attempt to keep the award in white, straight male hands.

Uh? Women have won the awards as long as I’ve been aware of them.

But the narrative that got repeated in various national publications was that the demographics of the country – and of science fiction and the award – were changing and we were racist sexist homophobes who didn’t want them to change.

Even though this made factually no sense. Even though the demographics are more or less what they’ve been in my adult life: a lot of white females, though some call themselves something more exotic, and a few white males. Even though what we wanted was to change the type of STORY that got the award and couldn’t care less if the authors were purple with antennae.

So it shouldn’t have surprised me that last week the same idiocy surfaced on Facebook, all over my colleagues’ pages, this time directed at the caravan: the only reason you could possibly oppose limitless immigration from countries with serious cultural issues is that you oppose “population replacement.”


No, seriously, they really, really, really believe that.

You white people – including the ones who aren’t white, but by refusing to be socialist have earned your “whiteness” (like me) – have disappointed the Marxists.

In fact, all Americans who believe in and love America are white. Loving your homeland, in the socialists’ minds, immediately makes you tall and blond and blue-eyed like Hitler youth. I know this because I’ve been accused (yes, accused!) of all of the above. (Reality be damned. I mean, why should socialists believe their lying eyes over their beloved philosophy?)

Their whole plan for an October surprise depended on you feeling as guilty as the left does.  They were sure even you couldn’t be evil enough not to be moved by the plight of 15,000 military age men marching on the U.S. to demand you give them stuff: while singing the anthems of the places they’re leaving behind and burning American flags.  And yet, indications are your only reaction is to be disgusted and mad.  You’re breaking socialist hearts again.

So, dear Americans, you refused to do the storming and bloodbath thing and destroy capitalism to make the Marxists happy! How could you be so mean? It’s all your fault that the left now feels forced to make snide remarks about you and claim you’re broken and evil while discriminating against you. It’s all your fault that the left needs to replace you so they can have their shiny, beautiful revolution.

And you keep upsetting them very much, by refusing to roll over and die and refusing them their “demographic replacement which will automagically due to noble savage and all that make the country socialist.


Well done.

I suggest you do it harder and with a foot stomp by voting in Republicans and then making the critters actually stick to the program. I suggest you do it harder and faster by not approving of the left’s crazy cakes open border plans and by making America so prosperous and well off that the socialists the world over explode with impotent rage and envy.

You know what? A wall sounds good about now. Ask for one. Tell them “no mas.” I suggest you disappoint them further by having more kids and teaching them to hate socialism.

You’ve made socialists cry.

Do it again. Harder. Make the rubble (and the rabble) of their vaunted socialist philosophy bounce.

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