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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: DHS Scrambling to Deport Haitians Under a Bridge in Texas

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: DHS Scrambling to Deport Haitians Under a Bridge in Texas
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There are now an estimated 14,000 Haitians and other illegal immigrants camped out under a bridge in South Texas waiting to be arrested by border agents and then released into the United States. Photos and video of the Biden bungle at the border have terrified the White House to the point that they have tasked the Department of Homeland Security with getting the Haitians off the news.


DHS will authorize up to eight flights a day from Texas to Haiti in order to get the poor, desperate people out of sight.

The United States has now closed the Del Rio Port of Entry into the United States — an unprecedented move to stop traffic headed north into the United States or south into Mexico. Jokes about the barn door and horses are perfectly apropos.

Washington Examiner:

“This temporary closure and shift is necessary in order for CBP to respond to urgent safety and security needs presented by an influx of migrants into Del Rio and is effective immediately,” the agency said. “It will advance and protect national interests and help ensure the safety of the traveling public, commercial traffic, and CBP employees and facilities.”

All vehicular traffic will have to travel an hour’s drive to the next closest open port of entry between Eagle Pass, Texas, and Piedras Negras, Mexico.

The Haitian government has agreed to accept three flights a day. Three is not eight, so one might wonder where the other planeloads of Haitians are going to land.

Laughably, the Biden administration is bending over backward to assure all of us that they aren’t “targeting” any one race or nationality in this airlift.


Washington Post:

“This isn’t about any one country or country of origin,” the official said. “This is about enforcing border restrictions on those who continue to enter the country illegally and put their lives and the lives of the federal workforce at risk.”

The Biden administration continues to use a pandemic enforcement measure known as Title 42 to rapidly “expel” border crossers to Mexico or their home countries. Officials said some of the flights to Haiti would probably be expulsion flights relying on the public health authority of the Title 42 provision.

Consider us assured, guys.

Meanwhile, a federal judge ruled on Thursday that Title 42 no longer applies to families that show up at the border with at least one child below the age of 18. Those families will be processed and released into the United States while they await their court dates — sometime around 2024.

The Biden administration is hoping to “discourage” more Haitians from arriving under the bridge. It hardly matters. The Haitians and other illegals will simply go somewhere else while waiting for their turn to be arrested and processed.

By announcing its intent to deport the Haitians before launching the flights, Biden officials also appeared to be hoping some in the camp would abandon their attempt to enter the United States and return to Mexico. Migrants arriving to the camp have been given numbered tickets by the Border Patrol as they await a turn to be formally taken into U.S. custody, the first step in starting the process of requesting U.S. asylum or some other form of protection from deportation.

Some Haitians seeking to avoid deportation could abandon the Del Rio camp and attempt to remain in the United States illegally, or return to Mexico, two U.S. officials acknowledged.

The Biden administration has been doing a great job of keeping the crisis at the border off the television and out of the news reports. It’s only when illegals do something crazy like gather under a bridge in Texas when it’s 100 degrees outside that the mainstream media bestir themselves to cover the crisis.

In a couple of days, we’ll be back to normal — a non-crisis that isn’t happening.

Here is a look at the madness:


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