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Victim's Rights Groups Leading the Effort to Recall Los Angeles DA

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Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has been in office for three months and there’s already an effort underway to recall him.

Gascon, like many radical DAs elected across the country in recent years, received support from George Soros money during his campaign and ran on a platform of radical criminal justice reform. But somewhere along the way, Gascon lost track of the victims of crime who were alarmed at Gascon’s efforts to empty the jails and give violent criminals reduced sentences.

Gascon obliquely criticized the victims’ families by asking them to accept the idea that he’s doing all this for the greater good.

NBC News:

In an emailed statement, Gascón said that “the pain and trauma of losing a loved one is immeasurable” and he “respects that some victims want me to impose the maximum punishment in their case.”

“Research shows that excessive sentencing practices have exacerbated recidivism leading to more victims of crime,” he added. “Our system of justice can’t continue to rely on policies that create more victims tomorrow simply because some victims want the maximum punishment imposed in their case today.”

He expects these violent criminals to get rehabilitated even more quickly if they get a reduced sentence? Sheesh.

In the world of the radicals, some people are going to have to suffer if we’re going to create a new utopia.

According to a Recall George Gascon Facebook group with more than 39,000 followers, the district attorney “campaigned and was elected on a platform including no gang enhancements and not seeking the death penalty, so that is not a reason to recall him.”

“However, within minutes of being sworn in, he made other, drastic changes that he did not disclose when campaigning that are letting violent and dangerous criminals back out onto our streets. This is unacceptable. He fooled the voters of LA County and must be removed from office,” the group wrote on Facebook.

Gascon and the other Soros-created radical DAs appear to have one thing in common; they all want to change the world. But they want to change it by using the criminal justice system as a gigantic social experiment — a Petri dish to try out concepts of limited justice, limited punishment, and limited enforcement.

Meanwhile, the anti-social criminals who don’t care about the victims of their crimes don’t know much about the research into recidivism but do know exactly how to inflict pain and suffering on other human beings. In the Gascon-Soros universe, these men and women just need a little TLC and understanding to be shown the way to productive citizenship.

The more rational among us disagree.

Opposition to Gascón’s agenda has been swift since he took office. Earlier this month, a judge ruled that his policy change ending sentencing enhancements violates state law. Such enhancements can add years to a defendant’s prison sentence if certain criteria are met. The decision stemmed from a lawsuit filed less than one month into Gascón’s term by the union that represents hundreds of county prosecutors. In the lawsuit, the union claimed Gascón’s sweeping directives defy state law.

The bar to recall Gascon is not very high. Organizers need about 600,000 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. If residents are lucky, maybe Gascon’s recall vote can be on the same ballot that will ask for the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Dropping two radical bird-brains with one stone would save the taxpayers a bundle.

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