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Biden's Pick for Energy Secretary Heavily Promoted Russia Collusion Narrative

Danny Moloshok

Joe Biden’s pick for Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, heavily promoted the now-debunked narrative that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. She also gave credence to the thoroughly discredited “pee tape.”

She also heavily promoted the Russian collusion narrative.

It looks like Joe Biden’s “unity” message only goes so far. Giving someone a prominent role in his administration who promoted a conspiracy theory without any proof is hardly the route to bringing America together.

Fox News:

Granholm is the former Democratic governor of auto industry stronghold Michigan and was tapped to lead the Department of Energy. Granholm is an adjunct professor at the University of California-Berkeley School of Law and Goldman School of Public Policy, and she describes herself as an “advocate for clean energy [and] US jobs” in her Twitter bio.

Granholm was a co-chair of Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 2016 transition team and is a CNN contributor, according to her UC-Berkeley bio.

Granholm is not the only prominent Democrat to push the collusion conspiracy theory, but why bring them into the cabinet?

Biden’s pick for national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, acknowledged to the House Intelligence Committee that he had told reporters in 2016 that then-candidate Trump’s campaign could have ties to Russia.

Sullivan, who was Biden’s national security adviser during the Obama administration, told members of the committee in a December 2017 interview that prior to the 2016 election he briefed reporters on his suspicions.

Apparently, not all conspiracy theories are equal. Republican conspiracies may be just as nuts, but the media never quite gets around to calling out Democrats for their craziness. Spreading the idea that a “pee tape” even existed shows a monumental lack of judgment and putting any faith at all in the charges of collusion shows a gullibility that doesn’t belong at the highest levels of government.

Granholm’s laughable advocacy for “clean energy and US jobs” reveals a politician more interested in talking points than policy. You can have clean energy or job growth — not both. Ask Barack Obama where those 5 million “green energy” jobs that were going to be created by manufacturing and installing solar panels went? The Obama administration decided in 2013 to “redefine” what a green job was, so you can’t really call the former president a liar. But Granholm better start counting all the jobs in the fossil fuel industry that were lost because the government decided to show “green industries” favoritism in federal spending and grants.

I’d be willing to bet that before Biden’s term is up, the U.S. will have lost its position as the number one producer of fossil fuels and that gasoline prices will have doubled.