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Grandstanding Michigan Gov Suggests Trump Admin Telling Vendors Not to Send the State Medical Supplies

Grandstanding Michigan Gov Suggests Trump Admin Telling Vendors Not to Send the State Medical Supplies
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer speaks with reporters, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020, at her office in Lansing, Mich., about delivering the Democratic response tonight to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address. She says she will focus on "dinner-table issues" such as infrastructure, jobs and health care. (AP Photo/David Eggert)

No proof, no specifics, nothing that would suggest Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is doing anything except trying to pass the buck.

The Democrat suggested in a radio interview that the state was being denied vitally needed supplies because the Trump administration told vendors not to send Michigan what they need.

Whitmer did not mention any specific companies. She did not mention any specific Trump administration official who was blocking the sales.

Crain’s Detroit Business:

“When the federal government told us that we needed to go it ourselves, we started procuring every item we could get our hands on,” Whitmer said Friday on WWJ 950AM. “What I’ve gotten back is that vendors with whom we had contracts are now being told not to send stuff here to Michigan.”

Whitmer didn’t say who has told vendors to stop sending medical supplies to the state, but strongly implied the order came from President Donald Trump’s administration.

The governor’s office could not provide any additional information Friday afternoon substantiating Whitmer’s allegation.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. And the context of her loaded charges was criticism from Trump directed at her.

Trump called into Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Thursday night and bashed Whitmer’s handling of the coronavirus public health crisis that has claimed the lives of 92 Michigan residents as of Friday.

“Your governor of Michigan, I mean, she’s not stepping up,” Trump said, who referred to Whitmer as “a woman governor” and not by her name. “I don’t know if she knows what’s going on, but all she does is sit there and blame the federal government. She doesn’t get it done. And we send her a lot.”

So Trump skewers Whitmer and Whitmer makes a sensational accusation against Trump. If Whitmer had the name of a company who told her state about administration interference or the name of someone responsible for it, it might be a different story. The allegations would certainly bear investigation.

But Whitmer and other Democratic governors are trying to “pull a Katrina” on Trump. During the 2005 hurricane, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin flitted from TV studio to TV studio making unbelievable claims about babies being raped in the Superdome and dead bodies all over the place. He whined, he cried, and he blamed President Bush for not doing anything. Meanwhile, there were dozens of school buses sitting in a parking lot that Nagin never used to evacuate the thousands of people who were still in the city. In fact, he did precious little — and neither did the Democratic Governor Kathleen Blanco. All they could do is pass the buck and blame Bush.

I think Whitmer is hiding her own incompetence behind the politically popular charge that it’s Trump’s malevolence that’s preventing Michigan health care workers from getting equipment. I wouldn’t put it past our president to pull something like that, but there’s no proof.

Whitmer should stop whining, roll up her sleeves, and get to work.


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