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Signal to Noise With Richard Fernandez

Rather than using social media as a notebook, it seemed better to establish a separate optionally accessible site: Signal to Noise. The benefit of a members-only site is it reduces trolling. The Belmont Club will remain open and free, as usual. To keep the length manageable, I will start a new notebook every week or so. Sign up here to become a VIP member.

Hunter spreads international goodwill and understanding

A new book, Laptop from Hell, claims that Hunter Biden helped expand Chinese influence in America for $10 million a year and an $80,000 diamond — Daily Mail

The media’s over “2 weeks to flatten the curve” meme

Fauci says beware omicron — CBS

The ‘boy in the bubble’ trap. “Nov 28 (Reuters) – China could face more than 630,000 COVID-19 infections a day if it dropped its zero-tolerance policies by lifting travel curbs, according to a study by Peking University mathematicians.” — Reuters

Trump. “Fauci would support a 9/11-style commission to study the US response to COVID” — NY Post

When your house is alive

3D-printed ‘living ink’ could lead to self-repairing buildings. The ink could even produce itself. “The team genetically engineered cells for E. Coli and other microbes to create living nanofibers, bundled those fibers and added other materials to produce an ink you could use in a standard 3D printer.” — Engadget

But govt infrastructure acts dead. “Years of Delays, Billions in Overruns: The Dismal History of Big Infrastructure” — NYT “Concerns over Native Hawaiian burial grounds stalled early construction, then problems with welding and cracks in the tracks appeared. Earlier this year, engineers realized that in some sections, the wheels were a half-inch narrower than the rails.”

Australia must prepare for possible naval war

Australia Needs Asymmetric Capabilities to Counter China in Indo-Pacific, Former Australian Official Says. “He added it was “not unrealistic to have a conflict” over self-governing Taiwan in five or six years and any war there would not be confined to the island. China regards the island as a province and has been escalating tensions over its future to include threats of invasion.” — USNI

AUKUS requires rapid expansion of autonomous undersea warfare systems — Australian“The three states could work together to introduce large, advanced UUVs that can operate independently of crewed submarines, in a “crewed-autonomous teaming” approach – an underwater equivalent to the Boeing Loyal Wingman platform in the air – much sooner than currently envisaged in Australian defence planning in the RAS-AI 2040 strategy.”

Artificial intelligence

UNESCO lays down AI guidelines

What Will the Effect of Europe’s AI Law Be on Tech Companies?  “According to the story by VentureBeat, any company that has a software product that is considered ‘high risk’ will now be required to have a Conformité Européenne badge in order for them to enter the market.” — Tech Times

In retreat across the board

As Crisis in Ethiopia Unfolds, Biden Admin Prepares for a Second Afghanistan type evacuation.

US-Ethiopian relations. “Ethiopia is an important country to the United States in the Global War on Terrorism. The Pentagon needs Ethiopia and its intelligence service to counter the influence of Al-Qaeda fighters in the neighboring Somalia. The CIA allegedly used Ethiopia as a base for black sites to secretly interrogate undeclared prisoners in the Global War on Terrorism”

Secret Chinese Port Project in Persian Gulf Rattles U.S. Relations With U.A.E.

At what point does it become more than bad luck?

He chose poorly

Biden drank from a stimulus cup expecting eternal political life and find his administration aging rapidly instead. “… even some left-leaning economists such as the former Obama administration officials Lawrence H. Summers and Jason Furman, have blamed the rapid price increases across the economy on the aid package that Mr. Biden signed in the spring.” — NYT

But Biden blames the virus and will focus on fighting that.

OPEC may have little reserve capacity so Biden’s war on producer may backfire — The key reason lies in the diminishing spare capacity of OPEC+ to pump oil, concentrated in just a few major producers in the Middle East. The OPEC+ group as a whole has been struggling with pumping to its overall quota for months as African OPEC members have been significantly underperforming because of a lack of spare capacity and investments.”

Another failure of the “stash theory of economics”, the progressive idea there’s always more ‘stuff’ — uncollected taxes, hidden wealth, hoarded oil — that can always be obtained by mandate. There are politicians who sincerely believe all economic problems can be fixed by redistribution. It’s simply a matter of finding the ‘stash’ for the deserving, which somehow always includes  your followers. It never occurs that economics is the science of scarcity.

The Communist apostate is someone who realizes there is no Stash.