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Gitmo Prisoners Asked for Sedatives After Trump Victory

The deserted Camp X Ray. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba - May 2012 (Rex Features via AP Images)

It wasn’t only the mainstream media that freaked out over Donald Trump’s presidential victory. The prisoners at Gitmo “thought it was the end of the world” and “many” detainees asked for tranquilizers because they were so “distraught.”

One of the prisoner’s lawyers shared with CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan his client’s description about election night.

“He said that many detainees thought that it was the end of the world and felt terrible and that many detainees asked for tranquilizers, sleeping pills because they were so distraught.”

Obama has been emptying out the prison during his term as president and now prisoners are afraid they will not be released with the election of Donald Trump.

“Well, the pace of prisoner releases has picked up in recent months,” Brennan said. “But Donald Trump’s campaign pledge to stop this prison from closing has left the fate of many prisoners in limbo.”

Too bad.