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Hillary: Commercial Air Travel Is 'Really Burdensome' to Me

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives on her campaign plane at Nantucket Memorial Airport in Nantucket, Mass., Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016., en route to a fundraiser. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Hillary Clinton wanted the Air Force to fly her between Washington, D.C., and New York because taking the hour-long shuttle was too “burdensome.”

Newly released emails from Clinton show an exchange on May 9, 2009, between her and aide Huma Abedin trying to figure out travel plans.

“Do you think we could get a plane for Westchester flight back tonight?” Clinton wrote in an email released this week as part of an ongoing Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the State Department.

“It’s going to rain all day and I still don’t feel great so the idea of playing a guessing game w the shuttle is really burdensome to me. What do you think? Could be anytime that works for the Air Force,” she added.

An hour and 40 minutes later, Abedin replied: “Yes of course. Looking into it. Around what time do u think?”

“Six or 7–does that work?” Clinton asked.

This isn’t the first time Clinton has demonstrated herself to be above traveling like the common people. Just a few days ago, Clinton took a jet 20 miles from Martha’s Vineyard, where she was hanging around President Obama, to Nantucket to attend a fundraiser.

What’s the carbon footprint on that kind of travel?