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[WATCH] Patriotic Kids in Ohio Neighborhood Won't Let Coronavirus Stop Them From Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

(Image provided to PJ Media)

Americans are struggling these days to find a sense of normalcy in a world that’s been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Confined to our homes and separated from the activities and people we love hasn’t been easy.

One of the bright spots in this madness has been seeing the interesting ways people are finding to cope with the changes and to continue the activities they love.

Several families in the Cleveland suburb of Broadview Heights found a unique way to deal with school being canceled and having their routines disrupted. Every morning, at an appointed time, the children walk out to their driveways to recite the pledge of allegiance together.

Jennifer Mahnic, a pubic school teacher who lives in the neighborhood where the children are reciting the pledge, told PJM that a mother started this with her family “because in times like these we have to remember what’s important.” The father in that family is a veteran and others who are participating have veterans in their families as well.

Unfortunately, once the video went viral in Northeast Ohio, people started harassing the families online (what is wrong with people?) so they’ve asked that we keep their names private. Mahnic did, however, pass along a comment from the family who came up with the idea.

“So on Monday, when we started doing school from home, we decided that every morning we would take the kids out front and we would look at our flag and say the pledge of allegiance,” the parents said. “Little did we know that one of our neighbor kids saw us and told her parents… then our other neighbors learned we were doing this too.”

By Friday morning at 9 a.m. they had three households, nine kids, and their parents outside. “We ALL said the pledge of allegiance together,” the parents said. “It was awesome. The kids were smiling and we all waved from our driveways when we were done!”

Keith Gaydosh, one of the dads, recorded the children and now the video has more than eight million views.

The kids encouraged other families to join them by sharing invitations with their neighbors.

(Image provided to PJ Media)

And it seems to have worked. Mahnic told PJM, “We had a great turnout” on Monday. She estimates that on her street alone there were around 40 people joining in. “But I even had people in Florida sending me photos,” she said.

And that’s not all! These industrious, service-minded students are also collecting food for homebound veterans:

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As Americans, we’re all facing a lot of uncertainty. In a world that seems to be unraveling before our eyes, it’s heartwarming to see these kids facing the changes with good cheer and aplomb. Their parents should be very proud!