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NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott: 'I Really Have No Idea' How Electric Cars Will Impact NASCAR

NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott: 'I Really Have No Idea' How Electric Cars Will Impact NASCAR
NASCAR Driver Chase Elliot is interviewed in Washington. (Credit: Nicholas Ballasy)

WASHINGTON — NASCAR Driver Chase Elliott said he has “no idea” how electric cars will impact the future of NASCAR, adding that NASCAR as an organization will “weigh the good and bad and go from there.”

Elliott was asked if he thinks all-electric vehicles would fit in NASCAR’s future or if they would change racing completely.

“I don’t know. I really have no idea. Like I said, I’m not in charge of what goes on and whatever road they decide to go down they’re going to go down it and they are going to do it whether I like it or not, so it really doesn’t matter,” Elliott said during a recent interview at the Auto Care Association’s Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C. “I’m sure there’s pros and cons to all that stuff, you know, as you look at it and that’s for them to weigh the good and bad and go from there.”

According to an Auto Week report, “growing market interest” and “advancements in EVs could one day force NASCAR’s hand” to embrace electric race cars.

“I don’t really get involved in the decision-making above me,” Elliott said on the electric vehicle issue. “Who knows what they have going on in their meetings up there. But I don’t hear about it.”

Some Democratic presidential candidates such as Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) have discussed banning the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles in the U.S. by a certain date such as 2035. President Donald Trump has not proposed a similar ban.

Elliott and his father Bill, a NASCAR legend, endorsed Trump during the 2016 election along with then-NASCAR CEO Brian France. Elliott was asked if he’s satisfied with Trump’s job performance in office.

“We’re three years in so I feel like there’s been good things and there’s been bad things, you know, so it’s interesting to watch and I think like everybody else I’ve enjoyed just following along like I have other presidencies as well,” Elliott said. “I’ve always enjoyed election time and watching and learning and looking forward to seeing how it plays out.”

Elliott declined to elaborate on anything he would like to see Trump improve on in the future.

“Lots of good and bad, that’s kind of my personal view,” he said.

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