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Democratic Congressman Says He Opposes Pay Raise for Lawmakers

(AP Photo)

WASHINGTON – Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.) said he would vote against a pay raise for members of Congress, which is part of the spending package being considered in the Democratic-controlled House.

Since 2009, congressional pay has been frozen at $174,000 per year. The $1 trillion fiscal 2020 budget under consideration in the House would lift the freeze and result in a $4,500 pay increase.

Malinowski was asked if he would vote for a budget that increases salaries for members of Congress.

“I think if there were a vote I probably would not. I’m a freshman. It’s not my first priority in my first year to increase my own pay. What they will tell you is it’s a cost of living adjustment, which is a little different from a straight increase but even that, I think, because of the Senate obstruction to pass legislation that’s going to lower people’s health care costs and put more dollars in the pockets of middle-class taxpayers in my district, under those circumstances, I think, even a cost of living increase would be a difficult thing for me to support,” Malinowski said during an interview with PJM on Wednesday.