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Obama Earning Almost $600K for Speech in Colombia

Obama Earning Almost $600K for Speech in Colombia
(Aude Guerrucci/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images)

Former President Barack Obama is being paid almost $600,000 to speak at a marketing conference in Bogota, Colombia on Tuesday.

According to a report from El Tiempo, a Colombian news outlet, Obama is earning “2 mil millones de pesos” for a speech and discussion on-stage about leadership strategies at the EXMA Conference in Bogota. When converted from Colombian pesos to U.S. dollars, Obama’s payment for participation in the event is equivalent to $594,000.

According to the Colombian news website, conference attendees who want to attend the event with Obama and take a photo with him have to pay 11 million Colombian pesos, which is approximately $3,267.

A report from the Bogota Post indicated that Obama “set the condition” that he would not discuss current U.S. politics during the on-stage conversation.