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Go On and Kiss the Girl

The jokes write themselves:

A male a cappella group at Princeton University has pulled a Disney movie song from its act following a student newspaper column that suggested the lyrics helped promote “toxic masculinity.” The Princeton Tigertones have performed “Kiss the Girl,” a song from “The Little Mermaid,” for years. During performances at the Ivy League school, a female audience member would be brought onstage to decide whether or not a man from the crowd could kiss her.

Noa Wollstein, who wrote the column, claimed the song’s message is misogynistic and that too many women have been pulled on stage for unwanted encounters. “I have seen a queer student brought on stage have to uncomfortably push away her forced male companion,” Wollstein, a sophomore from New York, wrote in her column. “I have heard of unwilling girls being subjected to their first kisses. I have watched mothers, who have come to see their child’s performance, be pulled up to the stage only to have tension generated between them and the kid they came to support.”

In a response published in the newspaper, Tigertones’ President Wesley Brown apologized to anyone made uncomfortable by the tradition. He said the group won’t perform the song until it can find a way to do so without offending any audience members.

Well, boo-hoo. I sure hope none of these tender virgins ever attends an audience-participation screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show or anything else that will force them to confront “toxic” masculinity — or in the case of Rocky Horror, trans-gay masculinity.

Let’s take a gander at the “offending” song:

To this we’ve come in the age of trans-something asexual snowflakes whose profound insensitivity to human nature is matched only by their utter ignorance of biology, history, romance, the arts, and just about everything else good life has to offer. What a miserable bunch of scolds these latter-day Erinyes are:

Wollstein also criticized “The Little Mermaid” song for “unambiguously encourag[ing] men to make physical advances on women without obtaining their clear consent… Removed from its cushioning context of mermaids, magic, and PG ratings, the message comes across as even more jarring,” Wollstein wrote.

Maybe somebody — a real female somebody — needs to explain the birds and the bees to Ms. Wollstein. Unless the future of the human race is the Elois who result from the test-tube mating of soy boys and harridan SJWs, she ought to be thankful for the “toxic” males who built and have defended civilization for eons. As I tweeted the other day:

And speaking of “toxic” masculinity (as opposed to soy-boy “masculinity”):

Somebody please send Ms. Wollstein a copy of Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae. She’s going to need all the help she can get. And then make the a cappella group join the Marines. America could use more “toxic” males, not fewer.