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John Bull Backs Ban on Burkas

There are few sights more disheartening than fleets of women dressed from head to toe in (as Bill Maher famously wisecracked) black beekeeper outfits on the streets of America and Western Europe. Far from colorful, diverse costumes meant to evoke adorable memories of charming folk customs back home in the ummah, they are badges of Islamic supremacy, as well as indications of what civilized women can expect if and when Islam conquers all.

The Brits have finally had enough:

A majority of the British public are in favour of banning the burka in public, a poll has found, while almost half say the burkini should be prohibited.  The findings come as a controversial ban on the burkini in France has stirred debate on the subject of Muslim clothing. Although the country’s highest administrative court overturned the ban on the Islamic swimsuit on Friday, mayors have vowed to defy the ruling.

The issue has been widely debated in Britain ever since France became the first European country to ban the burqa – the  Islamic full-face veil – in 2011. According to the YouGov survey, 57% of respondents in the UK supported banning the veil in public places, while 25% were against outlawing it. The only age group to oppose a ban was the 18-24-year-olds, while all others were in favour, with the oldest 65+ group backing the prohibition by an overwhelming 78 per cent to 12.

A majority of Conservative and Ukip voters backed a burqa ban (66% and 84% respectively). And while fewer than half of Labour (48%) and Lib Dem (42%) voters supported such a move, they still outnumbered those who opposed the ban (37% and 30% respectively). Looking at attitudes to burkinis, 46% of people were in favour of outlawing it while 30% would oppose a ban.

Last time I looked, you don’t see real American girls in dirndls roaming around such formerly German cities as Milwaukee and St. Louis, and even at home in Ireland I don’t see many women wearing shawls any more. Even Catholic nuns in wimples, once a common sight, are scarce. But the push for in-your-face Islamism, fully supported by the Obama administration (surprise!) and sure to be worsened should Hillary Clinton become president, should be an unwelcome sights in Christendom — as unwelcome as a thong bikini on the sands of Saudi Arabia. Fair’s fair, right? Right?