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Rubio Whistles Past Nevada Graveyard

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

In the aftermath of the bloodbath of Nevada, Marco Rubio tells Fox News that most voters don’t support Trump and that the GOP needs a “clear alternative,” meaning that other candidates should get out and leave him alone to face the Donald. He should be careful what he wishes for:

Says Rubio: “I’m the conservative who can unify the Republican party,” and he pooh-poohs any notion that there will be a “deal” between or among the other candidates to stop Trump. Clearly, he thinks he’s the Only Man Who Can Stop Trump, if he can just get the New York mogul in a room alone.

Honestly, he’s simply delusional. Without Cruz, Kasich and Carson still protecting him, Rubio would already be long gone from this race. But, as I tweeted last night: