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At the University of Missouri, It's F-Bombs Away!

You remember Melissa Click, right? The University of Missouri unlovely who called for “muscle” to 86 a student journalist just trying to do his job. Turns out it’s not the first time the assistant professor of communication has, er, communicated on behalf of the radical Left:

The University of Missouri assistant professor who attracted nationwide attention and faced suspension from her teaching job for a November confrontation with a student journalist is in more hot water.

The Columbia Police Department released video from an October protest on campus in which assistant professor Melissa Click can be seen cursing at a cop who is trying to clear a roadway on campus after Click and a group of student demonstrators locked arms to block a road during the university’s homecoming parade in October.

In the police video footage, first published by the Columbia Missourian, Click can be seen screaming profanities at an officer who placed an arm on her as he told her to get back on the sidewalk. Less than two weeks later, the assistant communication professor was captured on video calling for “some muscle” to help her eject a student journalist at a protest site on the university’s quad.

Click is in the midst of applying for tenure at the university. Hank Foley, the university’s interim chancellor, previously resisted calls for her dismissal, saying her future with the university should play out through the tenure process. But after the release of the police video footage, Foley in a statement on Sunday said “he will address these new revelations with the Board of Curators as they work to complete their own review of the matter.”

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Even should Mizzou rid itself of Ms. Click, the sad truth is that there are hundreds, maybe thousands more like her embedded in the faculties of our colleges and universities. Your tax dollars at work (language warning):