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Their Shari'Amour: Countries Where Islamic Law Is Most Favored

As the Obama administration presses forward with its notion to resettle more and more Muslim “refugees” from the mess it has made in the Middle East, it might be useful to see in which “countries” of the ummah the inhabitants most favor the comprehensive, punitive religious/legal framework of sharia law:

[In] an international Pew Research Center poll of Muslims, conducted in 2013, respondents were asked if Sharia should be the official law of the land in their country. In Afghanistan, 99 per cent said yes, with Iraq (91 per cent), the Palestinian Territories (89 per cent), Malaysia (86 per cent) and Niger (also 86 per cent) the countries next most in favour. Countries most in favour of Sharia being the law of the land tended to have legal systems that already favoured  Islam over other religions, the poll found.

By contrast, inhabitants of countries, like Turkey, with a tradition of separating state and religion, and — like former Soviet bloc countries — had been secularised from the centre, tended to be less in favour of sharia becoming the law of the land. In Azerbaijan, for example, only 8 per cent responded in favour, followed by Kazakhstan (10 per cent), Turkey (12 per cent), Albania (12 per cent) and Bosnia (15 per cent).

Graphic at the link. Afghanistan and Iraq, where the United States has wasted more than a decade in fruitless fighting, top the list at numbers one and two, respectively. Something to think about the next time an American president says that “freedom is the permanent hope of mankind, the hunger in dark places, the longing of the soul.”