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Sweden, Denmark to Close the Öresund Bridge?

The majestic Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark, made famous by the BBC television series The Bridge, may close for a while:

SWEDEN’s government is currently in talks over plans to close the bridge connecting the country with Denmark if its refugee intake continues to grow. The Öresund Bridge connects Danish capital Copenhagen with Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmö.

Sweden’s Dagens Industri newspaper reports that the country’s government is working on a proposal outlining measures to deal with an ‘unprecedented intake’ of asylum seekers. A document seen by the newspaper reads: “The Öresund Bridge is one of Sweden’s most important and busiest connections to another country, Denmark. “A temporary closure of the bridge can provide another measure to reduce the risk that public order or internal security is affected as a result of the large influx of asylum seekers.”

The document has reportedly been given to the Swedish Council on Legislation for evaulation before being passed to Parliament if it is deemed legally valid. The document adds: “The number of asylum applications continues to be at a level that makes the situtation such that from a broad perspective a serious threat to public order and internal security in Sweden remains.”

More than 80,000 people have applied for asylum in Sweden in the last two months.

Long past time telling Sweden what it should have done in the past — the question now is how to deal with the Islamic invasion of the principal Nordic country, whose diversity-driven death wish is now apparent even to the thickest government official. Let’s just hope it’s not too late, but for the other Scandinavian countries, none of which asked for this. In fact, Denmark just last week took further steps to distance itself from E.U. “integration.” Others should follow suit.