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Shameful: Prosecutors Demand Jail Time for General Mike Flynn

Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Although he initially tried to save himself for all he was worth, the FBI eventually succeeded in bringing down General Mike Flynn. He realized that, with all those Trump-haters at the law enforcement agency, there was only one way for him to somewhat limit the damage: to cooperate with the lynch mob. After all, they were already driving him into bankruptcy. The guy had literally nothing left.

And so he cooperated. He admitted to “lying to the FBI,” even though the agents involved thought Flynn simply made a mistake when he shared wrong information with them and had no intention to actually lie. However, if Flynn cooperated, the Feds said they would go relatively soft on him — meaning they would not demand additional jail time in court.

That was then, this is now: On Tuesday, federal prosecutors urged the judge in the case against the general to sentence him to up to six months in jail. In the new court filing, they argue that the “serious nature” of Flynn’s supposed crime (don’t make me laugh) and “his apparent failure to accept responsibility” for his actions mean society is best served by having him imprisoned for half a year.

The main reason for the reversal, however, is that Flynn and his lawyer argued that many mistakes were made in the investigation. Prosecutors had, they said, even withheld evidence. Although the judge threw out these arguments, Flynn was essentially correct. He was set up.

Although the background of the Flynn case is obvious to anyone with eyes to see, the Feds don’t like it one bit that the general had the audacity to say something about it. And so they intend to punish him even more. Financially ruining him, taking his career away from him, and dragging him to the mud won’t suffice. Oh no, now he also has to go to jail.

It doesn’t become much sadder than this. Not one country in the world would treat one of its most accomplished generals with so much disrespect.

Time for President Trump to step up: pardon General Flynn. Today.

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