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Boris Johnson After Landslide Victory: 'Irrefutable, Irresistible, Unarguable Decision' to Get Brexit Done

“With this mandate and this majority,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked his supporters after his party won a landslide victory against Labour, “we will at last be able to do what?” “Get Brexit done!” the crowd responded. “You’ve been paying attention!” he answered.

Thursday night was quite a night in Britain. Recent polls had indicated a tightening race between Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. I didn’t believe those polls to be correct. And, I’m happy to say, they weren’t. It wasn’t anywhere near close. The Tories destroyed Labour. As of this writing, 649 out of 650 seats have declared. The Conservatives have won 364 seats in the House of Commons. Labour has to make do with 203. It’s truly a historic result.

On Friday morning, Johnson spoke to his followers. “With this mandate and this majority,” he told them, it’s finally time to get Brexit done. “This election means,” he went on to say, “that getting Brexit done is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people.”

“And with this election, I think we’ve put an end to all miserable threats of a second referendum,” he added.

Watch it:

It’s difficult to argue with Johnson. The pollsters were wrong because they once again underestimated blue-collar workers’ opposition to Britain’s membership in the European Union. These people — traditional Labour voters — voted for Brexit in 2016. To their shock, they saw Labour and the LibDems ignore the referendum result and push for either a second referendum or simply a cancelation of Brexit altogether.

These Brits couldn’t wait to vote again yesterday — this time for the House of Commons. They were lining up in long queues and willing to wait hours. They were going to vote regardless of long lines, the weather, and leftists’ anti-Brexit propaganda.

This realignment of voters has been going on for a few years now. The only ones taken by surprise are pollsters and liberal journalists who prefer to live in their own dream world rather than in this little thing called “reality.”

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