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Shocking! No NFL Teams Interested in Signing Colin Kaepernick

Shocking! No NFL Teams Interested in Signing Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick talks to the media at a news conference, Sept. 1, 2016, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Although experts and coaches gave Colin Kaepernick positive feedback about his physical condition and throwing ability after the workout he held in front of several NFL teams one week ago, none of it has resulted in any actual offers.

Larry Brown Sports reports that zero (0!) teams have “reached out to Kaepernick to bring him in for a private workout or interview since last Saturday.” The approach toward him “has been no different in the wake of Kaepernick’s workout than it has been over the past three years.”

A lot of teams are struggling because of a tornado of injuries. However, despite those issues, not one single team thinks that Kaepernick adds enough to justify all the media buzz and the “political distractions.”

Although Kaepernick will undoubtedly present himself as a victim — boy, do those NFL teams hate African American men or what?! — he has only himself to thank for this. What’s more, I’m not sure he’s truly bothered by it — although he will undoubtedly pretend to be. As Stephen A. Smith explained last week, Kaepernick’s decision to move his workout from an official NFL field to a high school football field proves that he doesn’t actually want to play.

This guy is interested in one thing, and one thing only: media coverage. He has decided that he can be more famous by being a supposed martyr than he can by being a second-rate quarterback, which is — of course — what he would be if he’d actually play in the NFL.

But by being rejected again? Oh wow, that sets him up for yet another play at martyrdom. He can pretend that it’s about the color of his skin (ehm… 70 percent of the NFL is black) or because he “takes a stand” for “black issues.” That too, is nonsense. There were other NFL players who took a knee when the national anthem was played. The difference was that those players actually performed on the field. They added something positive to their team. Colin? Not so much.