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Brexit Coalition: Nigel Farage Announces The Brexit Party Won't Contest Tory Seats

Very good news for those of us who believe that the British government should do what the British people want: make Brexit happen. The leader of The Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, has announced that he and his friends will not contest any seats the Tories won back in the 2017 elections. This means that TBP will focus on taking away seats from the leftist europhiles of the Labour and LibDem parties.

Farage, Sky News reports, made the decision not to contest Tory seats after polling showed that TBP and the Conservative Party could end up splitting the pro-Brexit vote in such constituencies, resulting in a Remainer winning. That is, of course, completely unacceptable to Farage. After all, if he truly wants to make Brexit happen, he needs to make sure that Remainers will have fewer seats in the House of Commons, not more.

The Brexit Party’s main focus will be on defeating Labour, Farage said at a campaign rally in Hartlepool. “We will expose the fact of Labour’s betrayal of five million of their own voters,” he said. “It’s fair to say the London dominated Labour Party is now thousands of miles away from its traditional safe seats and it is the time for seismic change in many of these constituencies.”

This is an incredibly important development. If Farage had let all 600 candidates stand, chances are that Brexit votes would indeed be divided, causing the Brexit movement to actually lose seats in Britain’s parliament. By making the decision to limit The Brexit Party’s attacks to Remainers seats, however, Farage has suddenly made it far more likely that Brexiteers will actually end up with a majority. It goes without saying that this is absolutely necessary for them to actually get Brexit done.

At. Long. Last.

Now, Tory leader (and Prime Minister) Boris Johnson can all but seal the deal by announcing that his party will pull back candidates in regions where The Brexit Party candidates have a better chance of beating Labour. If he does that, a Brexit-majority is all but guaranteed.

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